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A Review of the album called "Victory Songs" by the band Ensiferum one of the best metal albums of 2007

Updated on August 10, 2017
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The front CD cover for the album Victory Songs

The cover depicts a warrior that is ready to go into battle and defend his land. Ensiferum's lyrical themes have a lot to do with knights, warriors, and other fantasy based characters.
The cover depicts a warrior that is ready to go into battle and defend his land. Ensiferum's lyrical themes have a lot to do with knights, warriors, and other fantasy based characters.

Who plays on the album Victory Songs?

Finnish folk metal band Ensiferum went back into the studio to record more songs following the release of their EP called Dragonheads and the debut of Petri Lindroos (ex-Norther) on vocals. This result is the album called Victory Songs released in 2007. Also playing on the album is bassist Sami Hinkka, keyboardist Meiju Enho, and drummer Janne Parviainen who also played for the power metal band called Sinergy. As a quick side note, Sinergy when it was active had Alexi Laiho playing the guitars. Victory Songs is the first full-length album to have Petri Lindroos doing the vocals. He replaced Jari Maenpaa who had sang on the very good 2004 album Iron.

Track listing for the album Victory Songs

  1. Ad Victoriam (instrumental)
  2. Blood is the Price of Glory
  3. Deathbringer from the Sky
  4. Ahti
  5. One More Magic Potion
  6. Wanderer
  7. Raised by the Sword
  8. The New Dawn
  9. Victory Songs

A photo of the then new front man for Ensiferum Petri Lindroos


The review of Victory Songs: tracks 1-6

After the opening instrumental song Ad Victoriam, Ensiferum comes out in full force with the fast, heavy, pounding songs called Blood is the Price of Glory and Deathbringer from the Sky. In the second song, we hear the double bass drumming which has been experimented with by so many bands. The lyrical themes in the album have to do with fantasy type lyrics where there are tales of brave men fighting for their country, stamping out all opposition. Those that fight to their deaths will be remembered forever and stories will be told about them. Petri Lindroos also uses his talents to play the banjo in this album. In their previous release, Ensiferum decided to pay tribute to Amorphis by covering their song called Into Hiding. This is a very good move because that song is so terrific. The terrific song called Wanderer features clean vocals by guitarist and band founder Markus Toivonen whom I have said should be one of the elite guitarists in the heavy metal genre. The song is about a warrior that has been wounded and he must find his way through what is being described as an endless night, through cold and darkness until he recovers. He is on his way to discovering the beauty that he once had. We all have to find ways to recover from adversity, hard times, physical pain, wounds etc. And it takes a long time to do so in some cases.

The song called Blood is the Price of Glory

Ensiferum was great in 2001 but they showed that they were great in 2006 and 2007

The New Dawn is another solid song in an album filled with one great song after another. The song is about getting ready as another war approaches. The army is confident that they will defeat the enemy and stand tall. Victory will come to them and they will be remembered for their valiant efforts. Victory Songs is another solid album from Ensiferum as they celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band in 2015. It is a very good album and deserves special attention just like their self-titled debut and the 2004 album Iron. Fans of Ensiferum will also enjoy bands such as Battlelore, Blind Guardian, and Fairyland. After a solid EP (extended play) with the excellent song White Storm, the cover of Into Hiding, and the interesting Finnish Medley, Victory Songs is another solid album from these Finnish folk metal veterans. I would say that the years 1995-2007 were Ensiferum’s best years as a band. Victory Songs gets a score of 85 out of 100 points. It is not as good as the band’s self-titled debut or 2004’s Iron but it is still very good to listen to!

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The song called Wanderer

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The song called The New Dawn

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