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A Review of the Very Good Groove Metal Album "War of Words" by the Band Fight

Updated on January 20, 2022
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

War of Words Songs List

  1. Into the Pit
  2. Nailed to the Gun
  3. Life in Black
  4. Immortal Sin
  5. War of Words
  6. Laid to Rest
  7. For All Eternity
  8. Little Crazy
  9. Contortion
  10. Kill It
  11. Vicious
  12. Reality, A New Beginning

Introduction To the Band Fight and the Album War of Words

Fight was a groove metal band formed in Arizona that features Judas Priest drummer Scott Travis. But what makes this album notable is the fact that the person doing the vocals is none other than Rob Halford one of the most famous vocalists in the entire heavy metal genre. Halford had left Judas Priest in 1991 following the great album Painkiller. This album is obviously not as good as the 1990 groovy thrash classic Cowboys From Hell but it is still a decent release. The album being reviewed an analyzed is the one called War of Words. For those of you that were wondering whether Rob Halford still had the range in his voice to continue singing, he shows that he certainly still does especially in the opening song "Into the Pit." Whether this is an act of irony or not, Bay Area thrash metal band Testament had a song with this same title on their 1988 album called The New Order.

Why Does War of Words Deserve A Review?

Why does this album deserve a review? Well, for one thing, it is to show that Rob Halford still delivers a good high pitched vocal range while also not being out of pitch. He beats John Arch easily! Even when he was not in Judas Priest for a while, he proved he didn’t need those guys to be successful and be part of a good album. War of Words was released in 1993, at a time when heavy metal in the US was starting to lose its popularity as grunge rock took shape and became popular. These words come from someone that was growing up at the time and saw the changes in the US music scene.

When we look back at this album, we can make the case that Rob Halford’s presence was a contributing factor in making this album a good one to listen to. The strongest songs in the album War of Words are Into the Pit, Nailed to the Gun, Immortal Sin, Contortion, and Vicious.


Analysis of the Songs Life in Black, Immortal Sin & War of Words

"Life in Black" is one of the slower songs in the album. It is basically about someone who feels that he was not properly “taken care of” as he was left to take care of himself. "Immortal Sin" has a sort of blues influenced guitar sound. As Rob sings the words “its immortal sin” you can definitely notice his traditional English accent. Ah, what a lovely accent it is! As he sings that part there is he traditional riffing you hear plus another guitar sound that is softer and it is mixed into it to create an interesting contrast. "War of Words" starts with some narration about the US Constitution. Those of us that have been exposed to US history know that this is the description of what the First Amendment is about. It is critical, absolutely critical that our politicians be held to the highest standard and make sure that they do nothing to infringe upon our freedoms. It is through the power of music that artists can make themselves heard and hopefully they can be one good part in the process to raise awareness about the importance of good governing.

"Into The Pit"

Final Thoughts About the Album War of Words

The song "Little Crazy" features Rob Halford using sort of a different singing style trying to sound like a southerner. You can hear the blues influence in this song as well. "Contortion" is one of the best songs in the album for sure as it starts with some soft, repetitive guitar before turning into a heavy classic. The song is about how the flaws of human beings, especially the selfishness and greed of man has the potential to ruin our planet. As Rob sings “all the sea is red” you can see that even in his early 40’s he still had the range and extension to hold on for so long and that is really impressive! The only real weak point in this solid work is the song called "Kill It." "Vicious" is a song about having somebody as a friend who will be with you until the end of your life? Or will they? Some people cannot be trusted. "Reality, A New Beginning" is about leaving behind your past life and venturing onto a new and better one. If you can imagine it you can create your new life! Overall, I really recommend War of Words to any fan of groovy thrash metal. You will really enjoy this one if you give it a chance!

"Reality a New Beginning"

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2016 Ara Vahanian


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