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A Movie Review on Lockout Unrated Edition (2012)

Updated on January 15, 2014
Poster for Lockout
Poster for Lockout | Source

I didn't have very high expectations going into this film. From the weak reviews (37% rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and very low box office numbers (only 14M domestically) I figured Lockout to be one of those "barely made it into theaters" movies. The only thing that kept me slightly interested was the trailer for this film. Well, after watching I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

This does not mean that it is a "great" film because it is far from that but a "good" film is something I can get behind. The synopsis of the film is fairly simple: The President's daughter, played by Maggie Grace (Taken, Twilight), gets held hostage on the space prison MS-One after the prisoners take over. Snow, played by Guy Pearce (Memento, Prometheus), who is falsely accused of killing an undercover agent agrees to be sent in to save the President's daughter in an attempt to gain back his freedom. The story is enough to keep you interested when guns aren't going off or Snow isn't snapping out witty one-liners. The action scenes are done well enough to keep you entertained but other than that there's nothing groundbreaking or special about any of them. The special effects, for a movie with a budget of only about 20M, are adequate. You're not going to see any jaw-dropping effects but they are done just well enough to keep the film looking good.

Guy Pearce is the one reason that this film actually works and entertains. He is able to keep this movie afloat with his great on screen presence and his funny one-liners and quips. He makes the character of Snow quite likeable and you actually care what happens to him, if only slightly. I can't really say the same of Maggie Grace. She does a mediocre job with the role, which can partially be blamed on the writers for making her character so annoying. Towards the end of the film I was actually hoping they would kill her off. The other actors did a good enough job to keep the movie afloat. Among them are Peter Stormare (Prison Break) who plays Scott Langral, Chief of the Secret Service, Lennie James (Lost) who plays Harry Shaw, a Secret Service agent, and Peter Hudson (Hitman) who plays the President.

Overall, the movie is a decent action flick carried by the acting of Guy Pearce. There is nothing particularly special about this film but it does provide you with enough entertainment to keep you watching for its 1 hour and 35 minute runtime.



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    • profile image

      PandaMan 5 years ago

      “Lock Out” isn’t a movie I’ll be telling my kids about, but I did mention it to a few of my colleagues at Dish. They thought it was ok, as did I, but there was a lot left a lot to be desired. Pearce’s performance was probably the only skilled one that I saw, but the crazy guy was above mediocre. If you like watching movies for plot development then I would probably look elsewhere but as far as action goes this was worth the 90 min I put in. I am just happy I didn’t buy it because that is the only time I will be watching it. Once I get this returned I think the next movie in my Blockbuster at Home queue is “Hunger Games.” Does anyone know of any good science fiction movies that are recent?

    • Richard Perazzo profile image

      Richard Perazzo 5 years ago from Shirley, NY

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      RPerazzo 5 years ago

      Good review. I will check it out !