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A Movie Review on Premium Rush (2012)

Updated on November 11, 2012
Poster for Premium Rush
Poster for Premium Rush | Source

Premium Rush is an action movie without fights, shootouts, explosions, and cheesy dialogue. It strays from the atypical action movies that we are so used to, delivering a uniquely fun ride. All the action features the characters on bikes, swerving in and out of traffic, which proves to be surprisingly entertaining, and something we haven't really seen before. The movie is a breath of fresh air compared to all the generic action films we see today, and it's too bad the people being the marketing for this film did a terrible job raising awareness. This movie deserves to be a hit.

Premium Rush follows bike messenger Wilee, played by Joseph-Gordon Levitt, who is payed to ride throughout NYC picking up packages from people, then delivering these packages to their destination. These bike messengers are able to deliver packages within a couple of hours, providing services to those who need items delivered fast. Wilee ends up in possession of an envelope whose content carries a very hefty price tag. Wilee is chased by a corrupt police officer Bobby Monday, played by Michael Shannon, who wants to steal whats in the envelope and use it for his own good. Wilee is helped by fellow messenger, and ex-girlfriend Vanessa, played by Dania Ramirez, in his attempt to outrun corrupt cop Monday, and a NYPD officer on a bike, while trying to deliver the envelope on time.

The movie features some really impressive, and entertaining biking. One of the most impressive scenes involves a police impound with Wilee jumping from car to car on his bike. The entire movie I was saying to myself "I wish I could do that." I couldn't imagine Levitt doing all of his own bike stunts but if he did, kudos to him. The movie also provided, which i didn't expect at all, a good amount of laughs. The on-going joke with an NYPD officer on a bike was hilarious. Levitt and Shannon provide a good amount of laughs as well during their chases through NYC.

Screen shot from Premium Rush
Screen shot from Premium Rush | Source

The acting all around is done quite well. Levitt again provides you with an easily likable, charismatic character while Shannon delivers a good performance as a corrupt NYPD detective. The rest of the supporting cast do an excellent job, mirroring that of Levitt and Shannon. David Koepp, the hugely successful film writer behind Jurassic Park and Spider-Man, co-writes and directs Premium Rush giving it a unique flair with Wilee's slow-motion decision making, CG route maps, and his flashback story telling. Premium Rush is his fifth and best film as a director.

Premium Rush is a unique and entertaining action flick that lives up to its title. Many of the bike scenes are quite impressive, delivering a rush of excitement as Wilee swerves in and out of traffic, nearly getting hit by cars. The movie provides a great mix of action, laughs, solid storytelling, and strong performances.


Premium Rush was released in theaters on August 24th 2012.

Directed by David Koepp. Staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez, and Jamie Chung

Rated PG-13. Runtime: 91 minutes


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