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A Movie Review on REC 3: Genesis (2012)

Updated on January 10, 2013
Poster for REC 3: Genesis
Poster for REC 3: Genesis | Source

REC 3: Genesis, written and directed by Paco Plaza, is the third entry in the very popular REC series. The films story, which runs parallel to the first two, focuses on the marriage of Clara and Koldo and the horrific events which follow. After saying their vows everyone moves to the wedding reception to dance, drink, and have a good time. One of the guests, who told us earlier that he was bitten by a dog at his clinic (assumed to be the dog Max from the first film), falls off a balcony, and everyone rushes to his aid, assuming that he is drunk and now injured. He then attacks his wife, biting her on the neck, and thus beginning the spread of the demonic virus from the first REC. As the demonic virus spreads, and more and more people die, Clara and Koldo get separated in the midst of the panic. They must now face off against these demons in hopes of finding each other and being reunited once again.

Genesis is easily the weakest out of the three, although it does have its strong, tense moments. Most of the actors and actresses do a decent job with the roles. No one stands out as being particularly amazing but there are no real terrible acting moments, although there are some minor annoying ones. The first 15-20 minutes of the movie set up the characters, showing us the wedding and the reception after. We get to know a little bit about Clara and Koldo before the outbreak of the virus. This whole beginning is done quite nicely and the hand-held aspect is also handled quite well. Once the outbreak of the virus begins, Plaza tries to take the film in a couple of different directions, neither of which work in the films favor.

Screen shot from REC 3
Screen shot from REC 3 | Source

The first thing that doesn't work too well is, following the initial outbreak of the virus, when Koldo and others are holed up in the kitchen, Koldo turns to the man holding the camera, Atun, and tells him the shut it off. Koldo then proceeds to throw the camera to the floor, and kicks it, destroying it in the process. This is when the film drops the hand-held aspect and goes for the more traditional filming approach. This hurts the film for a variety of reasons. There are little to no scares throughout the rest of the movie, it doesn't carry the same tense, suspenseful feeling that is found in REC 1 and 2 and it ultimately doesn't feel like a REC movie anymore.

The other aspect of the film that doesn't work is that Plaza thought it was a good idea to try to inject humor into the film. REC 1 and 2 kept things completely serious which is why its so odd to see humor injected into this film. We are treated to scene of Koldo and a guest running, decked out in full Saint George (I believe it was him) armor with Koldo carrying a mace. I assume that this scene was meant to be funny. It wasn't funny nor did it help the already weak plot move forward, but instead it detracted from the movie and completely destroyed any remaining hope I had for this movie. There were many more attempts at humor throughout the rest of movie, costing this movie dearly.

REC 3: Genesis ultimately suffers from trying to be different than its predecessors by dropping the whole hand-held aspect as well as trying to inject humor into a film series that is known for its serious, frightening tones. This film does not feel like a REC movie, but as just another generic virus movie. Here's to hoping that REC 4: Apocalypse is better.


Directed by Paco Plaza

Starring Leticia Dolera, Diego Martin, Javier Botet, Alex Monner, Mireia Ros, and Carla Nieto.

Rated R. Runtime: 81 Minutes


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