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A Second Tribute to Japanese Girl Group Akihabara 48 Known Simply as Akb48

Updated on July 2, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

Why is a Tribute to Girl Group Akihabara 48 Worth It?

A second tribute to famous Japanese girl group Akihabara 48 or AKB48 for short is a great thing & necessary given the influence and impact that this group has had on the Japanese entertainment industry. As part of AKB48’s global reach and impact, as of 2020, individual members are also becoming more socially active other than their regular activities that they are pretty much required to do.

Rena Kato, Rina Kawaei, and Anna Iriyama


This Tribute to AKB48 Will Be a Positive Tribute

The last time that I had written a tribute article about AKB48 was when I wrote about the incident in Iwate Prefecture when former member Rina Kawaei and current member Anna Iriyama were brutally attacked by a crazed fan of the group. However, this time as we pay tribute to AKB48, readers and fans will have a great reason to celebrate.

AKB48 Will Be Holding a New Kind Of LIVE Event

Spring is coming for us in the Western World and it is being reported via Tokyo Hive that all of the AKB48 groups will be holding a special LIVE event called AKB48 Group Haru no LIVE Fes in Yokohama Stadium. An event like this has not been done before and there will be performances by Akihabara 48 and all of its other groups as there will be many stages set up in the venue. All of these girl groups will perform songs based on a time schedule. It is said that fans can expect songs done by the highest ranking girls of all the groups, solo numbers as well as performances by AKB48 sub-units. In addition to this, fans will have the opportunity to meet some of the members of these groups in the shop area and this continues the tradition of “girls that you can meet” set up as a concept by the famous Yasushi Akimoto. Tickets for this event are scheduled to go on sale on March 20, 2019 at 10 AM in Japan.

Minami Takahashi (also known as "Takamina")

Minami Takahashi (known as Takamina) holding a soft drink in her hand and she looks like she is nervous but she is still so cute!
Minami Takahashi (known as Takamina) holding a soft drink in her hand and she looks like she is nervous but she is still so cute!

However, the Group Akihabara 48 Will Not Be Having Its General Election in 2019

In another surprise announcement, on March 13, 2019 the group announced that the annual AKB48 General Senbatsu Election which has been held every year since 2009 will not be held this year. The group announced via their official blog that they will try to do their best every day so that fans can support the group from the bottom of their hearts.

Anna Iriyama One of My Favorite AKB48 Members

"Teacher, Teacher"

Members of AKB48 Will Start Channels on YouTube

So what is this special thing that AKB48 members will be involved in? As of January 2020 the next project is that individual AKB48 members will be opening up or starting channels on famous video site YouTube. This announcement was made on January 21, 2020 at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. In order to celebrate the 15th year of AKB48, these members will be distributing videos in what is described as a new challenge. 10 members of AKB48 would be taking part in this challenge including Yuki Kashiwagi.

Final Thoughts About This Second AKB48 Tribute

As of October 2018, AKB48 has been active for 13 years and they now have 55 singles to their credit along with the record that the group set back in December 2015 when they sold a cumulative total of 36, 158,000 singles. Even though AKB48 did not hold their General Election in 2019, love, respect and praise should go out to them for the work that they have done since they came onto Japan’s music scene in 2005.

As of July 2020, AKB48 now has 57 singles, their latest one being known as Shitsuren, Arigato or Thank You for Heartbreak which was released on March 18, 2020.

"Manatsu No Sounds Good" Music Video

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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