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A Secret Life Christmas

Updated on November 22, 2012

After seeing the way these people behave going to church on Sunday, I was kind of like do we really want to see the way these people act on Christmas?The show actually managed to tone it's usual stuff down for this episode and for that we can all be thankful.

Most of the action involved doing a breaking and entering into a toy store called Hedy's and it seemed to be some tradition for juvenile delinquents. Ricky wanted Amy and John to do the traditional B&E with him. Unfortunately, John wasn't impressed by the toy store and wanted to see Santa Claus. So Ricky called Ethan and asked him to come dressed up as Saint Nick. Of all the people who could dress up as Santa Claus the last person who should be doing it is gross and annoying little Ethan.

Of course, Ethan can't come without getting his super preggo girlfriend Kathy to come along with him. Some way or another the whole gang shows up at Hedy's. Ben, thankfully, manages not to try and haunch on Amy for the holidays and I'm shocked he hasn't tried haunching on his sort of new sister, yet. Anyway, Preggo Kathy goes into labor and there's some problem getting her out of the toy store and to the hospital. It was a totally surreal moment and not in a good way as Preggo Kathy is sitting on Santa's throne in labor while everyone else knows it and are having a good time playing with the toys in the store. And dumbest line had to come out of Madison's mouth when she thought it would be cool if Kathy gave birth in the toy store. Does she want to deliver the kid? Actually, maybe she should, cause if she saw what a woman goes through giving birth, it might be a good inducement for her to keep her legs together or at least practice safe sex.

Anyway, the kids bring Kathy to the hospital riding a donkey. As she enters the lights blink out for effect. Me rolling my eyes.

In a weird twist, Jonathan, turns out to be related to Hedy, the toy store lady. He says she would leave her store open so less fortunate kids could come in on Christmas Eve and play in the store. Jonathan says he's continued the tradition. He wants to name the baby after Hedy and so does Kathy. So it seems Kathy giving the baby to Jonathan and his wife was truly meant to be.

Omar is still playing his little games with Adrian. Until she officially agrees to marry him he won't buy her an engagement ring. Adrian, honey, if the guy is like this before you marry him, how do you think he's going to be like after you marry him. Honey, run don't walk to the nearest exit.

Anne comes and interrupts George and Kathleen as they're playing Smutty Santa and Mrs. Claus. She thought the family would be gathering at the house for Christmas Eve like they usually do. She even sprung her mother, Mimsy, out of the nursing home. George explains Amy wants to do it on Christmas Day this year and that she's not allowing George or Anne to bring their significant others to her gathering. Everyone seems happy buzz-kill Ashley decided to stay in Italy for the holidays, as are all of us in the audience.

Finally, Jack is still languishing in his coma as Grace keeps a vigil by his side. Grace is asleep when Tom is talking to Jack and he opens his eyes wanting a cookie, then he closes his eyes again and won't believe Tom. When they start arguing, Jack wakes up again. Grace feels it's a Christmas miracle and tells Jack she loves him.

My Darling Clementine and Ricky also put their whatever is on the back burner for the holidays. She even went out with the cute security guard from the hospital who stopped Grace and company from sneaking comatose Jack out of the hospital to take him to Hedy's in hopes that would wake him up.

Camille and Leo give their new adopted daughter or whatever she is a kitten for Christmas. Meanwhile, they give Ben, George and Alice brand new cars. Hey, Leo, while you're giving people cars, could you give one to me for Christmas?

I cried at the end of the episode but it wasn't about a character that wasn't even on the show. They showed a picture of I'm guessing the real Hedy who is dead and who actually had a toy store and let kids play in her store on Christmas Eve. It was nice to know that the story wasn't made up and there was actually someone that nice and trusting to do something like that. That doesn't happen very often these days so it was nice to know there was a real person who actually did that.

Something I didn't notice on the last episode before this Christmas special was George seemed to be suggesting his young son with Anne might actually be the child of the guy with the two infant twins. That's another story the show thankfully left out of this episode.

For Secret Life it was a nice episode. They cut back on their usual icky stuff.


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