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A Separation - Movie Review / Analysis

Updated on March 20, 2012

If you want to get hooked onto the scenes that depicts the life in Iran then you wont be disappointed and
"A Separation" does this without taking advantage of its locale. In simple words "A Separation" is a compilation of mature conditions which are hard to come across in the mainstream cinema.

Such complexity is what surrounds our lives and such practicality is what dictates our every action. How frequently do we ever come across someone with a hunky dory life? Just about at every point in our lives we have a decision to make, a decision that will make our lives much better but at the same time we must choose to lose something special.

The only answer is to surrender and let go because there is hardly anything one can do when the question is, to leave your father with Alzheimer to be with your wife, to have a family, or to stay and support your husband while compromising a better life for yourself and your daughter.

In "A Separation" one can see both the ends on the same screen, a woman who belongs to the high class family, who is educated, who has the liberty to at least want to improve her and her daughter's life, and on the other end we have a woman who is to replace her as a servant, who is struggling to survive harsher realities of life while being spiritually correct.

My Recommendation: Watch Once
My Rating: 5.5 / 10

One way of looking at "A Separation" will be to say that it closely examines, a troubled relationship in an unusual locale and weaves together difficulties which might appear highly coincidental.

This movie appears to be more like a desperate attempt at making an award winning chart-buster which touches the following potent points but fails to do justice to any of them:

  • Divorce or "A Separation" in Iran

  • A man's devotion to his father with Alzheimer and its effect on his life and his family

  • A child in home with a broken marriage

  • A father and daugther relationship

  • A servant with high morals wanting to better her and her daughter's life

  • Gray areas when it comes to justice

Hard work, quality or content put aside, "A Separation" is a great example of how marketing, promotion and exposure is what it takes now to be recognized. Children of heaven, another movie that came from Iran itself in 1997 is less rated on IMDB and has probably received less awards despite it being much well deserved. Increasing number of viewers for foreign movies / world cinema might be the reason as to why recent movies from different foreign languages are getting better recognition as compared to earlier times.

It wont be right to completely attribute success of "A Separation" to luck. Some of the reasons why this movie has received so much attention includes artistic execution of scenes in Iran, demonstration of modern Iran, superb acting of almost every actor in the movie.

A Separation - Official Trailer

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