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Biography: Chuck Norris - The Man with Amazing Kick

Updated on September 28, 2014
Chuck Norris at a high school
Chuck Norris at a high school | Source

Chuck Norris is a celebrity figure who does not need introduction as he is famous worldwide for the films he has starred.

He is famously known for his high-end-kicks. He is a man who can kick you on the face more than five times in succession something which is not very easy. And there is more to this man than his impressive kicks which have put him apart from the rest of the famous actors known in Hollywood.

Carlos Ray Norris, the eldest of three sons born to a Cherokee Indian father, Ray Norris and Irish-English mother, Wilma was born on March 10, 1943 in Ryan, Oklahoma, US.A.

His younger brothers Wieland and Aaron were born on 1943 and 1951 respectively. However, Wieland was killed in Vietnam in the year 1970 while serving in the army.

When Chuck Norris was ten-years old, his father and mother divorced. It was his father's addiction to alcohol that led to divorce. Therefore, as an elder brother, he had to help his mother raise his younger brothers. When Norris was twelve-years old, the family moved to California.

At school Norris would be laughed at because of his ethnicity. By then, he was a shy boy, not in a sporty shape and an average achiever academically.

Chuck Norris and son Eric 1997: NASCAR Photography Darryl W Moran
Chuck Norris and son Eric 1997: NASCAR Photography Darryl W Moran | Source

While Norris was in high school, he met and married his girlfriend, Diane Holchek in December, 1958. However, after living together for thirty years, they divorced in 1988. From the relationship they had two children: Mike and Eric who were born on 1962 and 1965 respectively.

His second-born child, Dina was born outside marriage to an outside woman whom he had a love affair or extramarital affair with in the year 1964. He met his daughter when she was 26 years-old. Dina learned of Norris as his father when she was 16 years, afterwards sending a letter to him informing him that she was his daughter.

Not long after getting married, Norris joined the United States Air Force as a Military Policeman (Air Policeman) in the same year, 1958. He was sent to Osan Air Base in South Korea. It was in South Korea he earned the nickname 'Chuck.' His interest in martial arts was aroused while in South Korea and as his interest in martial arts increased he began training an Asian from of martial arts known as Tang Soo Do.

Later, he was sent back to United States to continue working as a Military Policeman at March Air Force Base in California. In August 1962, Norris was discharged without ever been involved in any form of fighting while working as a Military Policeman. .

After the discharge Norris worked at Northrop Aviation Corporation but left the work.

The rest, as it is said is history.

Norris is a renowned instructor of martial arts, and by the time he reached 34 years in 1974, he had opened 32 karate schools.

He has received a number of awards such as World Professional Middle Weight Karate Champion. He had held that position undefeated six times. He is the first westerner to be awarded an eighth degree Black Belt Grand Master ranking.

It is really noteworthy Norris has revolutionized Martial Arts in the United States. In fact, he created his own Martial Arts system called Chun Kuk Do. In English it means 'The Universal Way.'

More than that Norris is the Chairman and Founder of the United Fighting Arts Federation.

Norris has starred in 23 motion pictures. Some of the motion pictures he has starred in are:

The Octagon (1980)

An Eye for an Eye (1981)

Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)

Missing in Action (1984)

Missing in Action II - The Beginning (1985)

Missing in Action III - Braddock (1988)

Some of the other films he has starred in are: Delta Force, Code of Silence, Fury of the Dragon, Return of the Dragon (where he played opposite Bruce Lee in 1973), and the latest film Expendables.

Norris has also starred in the popular television series 'Walker, Texas Ranger' which ran for eight-and-a-half-years on CBS after which it ran in other channels. As stated on Chuck Norris official website, "Internationally, it is seen in more than 80 countries worldwide with an average of 1 billion viewers daily." Not only did he starred in the show but he was also the executive producer.

Chuck Norris is not only a film actor, he is also an author and writer. He is New York Times Bestselling author of three books. One of the books is his autobiography: Against All Odds. He has authored two fiction books: The Justice Riders and A Threat to Justice. Also, he is a columnist with the independent news site:

Chuck Norris and Jerry Glanville- NASCAR Photography by Darryl Moran 102
Chuck Norris and Jerry Glanville- NASCAR Photography by Darryl Moran 102 | Source

A born-again Christian, Chuck Norris has a kind-caring heart by the fact he has opened or started a number of charities such as: Funds for Kids, United-Make-A-Wish Foundation, Veterans Administration National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans and Kick-Start which is a non-profit organization. Kick-Start which he founded with the assistance of former U.S. President George Bush aims at helping the youth against drugs and violence in schools.

As a Christian he has written several books on Christianity.

Politically, he is a conservative. He has donated to several Republican candidates and different causes. He has been donating to charities and Republican candidates since 1988.

Chuck Norris married Gina O' Kelley, his second wife on November 28, 1998 and were blessed with two twins, Danitee Kelley and Dakota Alan. The family lives on their ranch which is near Houston.

Other Awards

Chuck Norris has received numerous awards. The following are some of them.

Karate Instructor of the Year (1975)

Man of the Year (1977)

Fighting Stars Editor’s Award (1979)

8th Degree Black Belt Grand Master (1997)

Honorary Texas Ranger (together with his brother, Aaron) by the governor of Texas (2010)

Golden Lifetime Achievement Award By the World Karate Union Hall Fame (2000)

He has also won Jewish Humanitarian Man of the Year Award

Chuck Norris on the Walk of Fame
Chuck Norris on the Walk of Fame | Source


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