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A Soundtrack For Your Life

Updated on June 3, 2010

 I believe music can heal you. It’s the most emotional and powerful thing in this world. Well, aside from God, but that’s a topic for another blog. Music is something we create from our souls. I remember the moment I heard most of my favorite songs. I remember the scene it played in the background of or the people I was hanging out with or the dance I saw performed to it at a recital. So many times a moment in a movie or TV show is so much more intense because they found the PERFECT song. I always thought that would be one of the coolest jobs. I guess that’s why I’m writing this. So I can give you the perfect song to intensify every feeling you’ll ever have.

This was so much harder to do than I thought. I personally have about 4000 songs on my computer and some of my favorites didn’t make it on the list because I don’t like them for any functional reason. They’re just fun or pretty. I hope you enjoy this list. Many of them I’m sure you know. I hope I can introduce you to at least one new song that you haven’t heard. And if I don’t have the original artist listed, that’s not because I don’t know who it is, but because the cover is the version I feel more connected to and has more emotion. Enjoy!

Wonderwall- Ryan Adams---Made famous by Oasis. The mood of Ryan Adam’s version really conveys the emotions that the lyrics are trying to express. You really feel that last tentative but desperate attempt at love.

Nobody Needs To Know- The Last Five Years---From an amazing two person play about a five year relationship. The woman goes through the relationship from end to beginning and the man starts at the beginning. They only meet briefly in the middle at their wedding. This song is the man’s towards the end. He’s a jumble of emotions. The strain on his marriage has become too much and he slept with another woman while his wife is acting in a play in another state. He knows that this makes him the “bad guy” and he does love his wife, but he’s giving up on trying to fix their relationship.

Where I stood- Missy Higgins---This song is for everyone who’s spent a lot of time completely blinded by their love for one person and suddenly realizes, they don’t know who they are. They’ve made this person their life without holding on to themselves as well. So they make the painful decision to end the relationship to find out who they are even if that means losing the other person forever.

Last Goodbye- Jeff Buckley---Two people who are in love have to part ways because they are too different to make it work. This happens a lot. We fall in love so quickly and then realize we don’t have major issues in common. We have the option to fight constantly or walk away and break our hearts.

Wish You Were- Kate Voegele--- This song really captures how it feels when you love someone and they change in a negative way. You don’t let yourself see them for who they’ve become. You just look at them through your memories of when things were good. It’s what keeps people in abusive relationships or holding onto someone who doesn’t want them.

For Good- Wicked--- This is from the very popular play about how the wicked witch of the west became “wicked”. When she and Glinda were younger, they ended up best friends. Then the wicked witch had all her problems and she and Glinda ended up on opposite sides of things. They meet up right before the witch is “melted” to apologize for everything they’ve done to each other. It’s basically about friends who’ve been through many ups and downs, but are still grateful for the effect they’ve had on each other. “Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better, but because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”

They Can’t Take That Away From Me- Gershwin---Frank Sinatra among others have recorded this song but they do it in a more jazzy way. It loses all feeling. I like the version from the play “Crazy for You”. It’s about walking away from someone you wished had loved you. You know you need to let them go and move on with your life but you won’t forget all the things you loved about them.

White Houses- Vanessa Carlton--- It’s about being young and on your own for the first time. You spend 24/7 with you best friends and you fall in love for the first time. Life is just about fun and laughing and loving everyone and then it’s over. You’re left alone to reflect on the good times and grow from your mistakes.

Congratulations- Blue October--- The deep sadness you feel when your best friend (who you’ve been in love with subconsciously or consciously) gets married. You want to be happy for them but your heart is breaking. You wish you’d told them how you felt before.

Ice Is Getting Thinner- Deathcab for Cutie--- This is about a relationship that’s been going downhill for a while. You both know it isn’t working but you weren’t ready to let it go. So you clinged to it with everything you had until nothing was left holding the two of you together and you have to give up.

I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Deathcab for Cutie--- The most intense of loves. This is the kind of love people search for. It’s a little sick, not wanting to live without each other but it’s deep, and true love. Very rarely do we encounter a love like this. I always think of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash as having this kind of love. Sometimes people do die of a “broken heart”. When one goes, the other loses the will to go on and they die naturally as well.

I Hate Myself For Loving You- Joan Jett--- Self explanatory. You’re addicted to someone that you really don’t want to want. They treat you badly but you just can’t stay away.

Sour Cherry- The Kills--- this song just sounds like sex. It’s a girl roughly seducing someone out of the blue.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand- Beatles---I like the Beatles version of this song as well as the one in Across the Universe. One if more fun and the other is more longing. It’s about when you have a crush on someone and maybe you’re young like early teens. Before sex is a priority. All you want to do is hold their hand but you’re so nervous.

Dream On- Aerosmith--- It’s about how short life is and you need to achieve your dreams before you don’t have any time left.

Uninvited- Alanis Morissette--- This is about someone you never considered, being in love with you. At first you’re very against being with them and you make excuses for why they might be wrong about loving you but by the end you’re thinking about it.

I Believe- Fantasia--- What it feels like to have your dreams come true. You never even considered that it could happen and all of a sudden the miracle happened and you have faith in the future.

Wreck Of The Day- Anna Nalick--- How you feel when you’re heart’s been torn apart and you don’t think it’ll ever be put back together. This song really expresses how it feels when you give up on love.

Girlfriend- Avril Lavigne--- This song is for all us snotty girls out there who’ve known that a guy you like is attracted to you but for some stupid reason he’s dating a moron. You know you’re better for him than her and you aren’t shy about letting that be known.

Alcohol- Barenaked Ladies--- One of the best pregame songs. Nothing like having a stressful week and opening a bottle of alcohol. All it takes is one sip and you know you’re fine.

Here Comes The Sun- Beatles--- This is the calm you feel when things have been really rough in your life and you have the first glimmer of hope.

Feel This- Bethany Joy Galeotti--- This song is about convincing someone to believe everything will be ok. You have to relax and just believe.

Apologies- Grace Potter and the Nocturnals--- It’s about loving someone, but not the way they’d hope. You want them to be ok with just being your friend and they wish you would love them.

Time- Chantal Kreviazuk--- This is a great graduation song. Just about ending a chapter of your life and realizing it went by too quickly and you’re afraid of missing something.

Wicked Game- Chris Isaac--- I actually have an attachment to this song. It’s about a guy who unexpectedly fell in love with the dream girl and she leaves him. He knew he shouldn’t have fallen for her but couldn’t help it. I had a boyfriend record himself playing and singing this song and the day he was going to give it to me I broke up with him.

Walk Away- Christina Aguilera--- This is about prying yourself away from someone who is playing with you. They seduced you and you fell for them but you now realize that they are using you and don’t actually care at all.

Quiet In My Town- Civil Twilight--- It’s about things dieing that nobody knows about. A person, love. Nobody talks about it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

Fix You- Coldplay--- This one is for anyone who cares about someone who’s hurting. Whether they’re sick, or heartbroken, or they lost someone, you do everything you can for them and try to put them back together.

I’m Here- The Color Purple--- Realizing your worth. Appreciating what you have. Realizing that you no longer need to rely on other people to survive. You are your own person and you like yourself the way you are.

The Asshole Song- Dennis Leary--- Ode to Long Islanders in my opinion.

Lose Yourself- Eminem--- Starting at rock bottom and slowly making your way to the top. Forget everything that’s against you and fight for your dreams.

So Close- Alan Menken--- Realizing you’re in love with someone you’re friends with. You think that they might love you too but neither one of you makes a move and you’re both alone.

You Must Love Me- Andrew Loyd Webber--- This is from Evita. A politician that marries a prostitute. He stays by her side when she gets terminally ill and she realizes that he really does love her.

I Know Where I’ve Been- Hairspray--- Knowing that you have a battle for your rights ahead of you. You know it’ll be hard and take time but you know the struggle will be worth it in the end.

Breaking Free- High School Musical---Finding that someone who accepts you for the real you, not the you that you show the world. We all hide parts of ourselves and spend our lives looking for someone we can drop the façade with. That’s what this song is about. Finding that person and finally showing the world who you really are, together.

Thin Layer- The Honorary Title--- it’s about a drunken hook up that is regretted. It’s regretted because there are real feelings there that weren’t expressed. The alcohol influenced a meaningless one night stand.

The Resolution- Jack’s Mannequin--- Surviving any life altering event. This was written by the lead singer of Jack’s Mannequin. He survived leukemia.

Dreaming With A Broken Heart- John Mayer--- self explanatory. Some people say sleeping alone is the hardest part of a breakup. You fall asleep and dream that person is with you and you wake up to the cold reality that you’re alone.

Hurt- Johnny Cash--- This one isn’t really important for a particular feeling but I recommend watching the video. It’s a really moving look at Johnny Cash’s life.

What goes around- Justin Timberlake--- Karma. When someone leaves you for someone else, they almost are always left by that person for someone else and even if you loved them, you are a little satisfied to see their heart broken.

My way- Limp Bizkit--- It’s about telling off that person that treats you like a doormat. Everyone has those days when they just can’t take it anymore and flip. If you haven’t ever let yourself snap, I recommend it. It feels good to shut someone up who’s been talking down to you.

Numb- Linkin Park--- This is about someone who’s tried so hard to please someone and nothing they do seems to be good enough and they finally give up and decide to just forget pleasing others and be their own person.

One love- Mary J Blige and U2--- A great alteration on the original song.

Thriller- Michael Jackson--- just because.

We Are Man and Wife- Michelle Featherstone--- In my opinion, one of the best wedding songs. It’s almost like wedding vows put to music.

Hysteria- Muse--- wanting someone so intensely you start to go a little crazy.

Unsatisfied- Nine Black Alps--- it’s about forcing yourself to focus on reality instead of your daydream of what your life should be and making things happen for yourself. Not accepting things for the way they are or have been.

Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)- Baz Luhrman--- Some of the best and most truthful advice you’ll ever get.

Get A Job- The Offspring--- self explanatory. For those of us who’ve been unlucky enough to date someone who won’t get a damn job.

Running Up That Hill- Placebo--- When someone you love is in a bad way, physically or emotionally because of something tragic, you want to negotiate with God to take some of their pain. You’d offer yourself for them.

Unchained Melody- The Righteous Brothers--- Still one of the best love songs.

Full Of Grace- Sarah McLaughlin--- You wish you could be better to those you love but you’re in such a dark place emotionally that you consider letting the darkness have you.

Strong Enough- Sheryl Crowe--- Wanting someone who’s strong enough to stay with you and love you even when you’re at your worst.

The Sound Of Silence- Simon and Garfunkle--- A surprisingly deep song considering it was written for the graduate. It’s about the dangers in silence. You need to open your eyes and see the world for what it is.

Vacation- Simple Plan--- I’m sure everyone’s had to deal with that one person who’s either got a thing for you romantically or even platonically that you just wish would go away. That’s what this is about.

Totally Fucked- Spring Awakening--- When you’re young, a lot of times you feel like adults never take you seriously or trust you. A lot of times you’re right. They are waiting for you to screw up and sometimes you just get trapped between lying when you know they know the truth, or confessing when you think they might believe the lie.

World Spins Madly On- The Weepies--- Wishing you’d made time for someone who’s gone forever. You didn’t think it was important when you had them with you but now that they’re gone you’re left hating yourself for the time you lost.

Time Of Your Life- Greenday--- self explanatory. Reflecting on a great time in your life.


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