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A Story I Wanted to Tell You in 2nd Person about My New Alpine Car Speakers

Updated on March 26, 2010

You decided that you want new car speakers to get the most out of your music while on the go. You go to a car audio store such as Car Toys or Best Buy. You stand directly in front of the wall of car audio equipment and stare; the wall stares back at you. You turn your head in the direction of a salesman asks “are you finding everything okay?” and you nod your head yes and continue your search. You see a nice pair of Pioneer speakers for a good price, but your car requires a component system. (A component system means that the tweeter, usually found in the center of the speaker, is separate and mounted in a different location than the rest of the speaker). You spot two pairs of component systems on the wall – an Alpine set, and a Kenwood set. You take a gander at the price tag on the Alpines. You cringe. You hesitantly peek at the price tag on the Kenwoods, and you are thrilled to see that they are cheaper – not ton, but about $20 less than the Alpines. You turn your head to confirm you saw the Alpine price tag correctly. You think to yourself that you could possibly save money by installing them yourself rather than having it done at a store or shop. You think twice and decide that it’s took much work for you to do with such a busy schedule. You listen to the Alpines through an appropriate match – an Alpine head unit. You ears are overwhelmed and your mind is overcome by a sense or urgency to purchase the speakers right then and there, yet your wallet is weeping in your back right pocket of your jeans. You reluctantly leave the car audio establishment of overpriced inventory. You drive your car home listening to the muddy, cheap, muffled sounding speakers that were put in your car at the factory. You are disappointed. You remember once you get on Facebook that evening, that there is this other great website called eBay where you can buy new and used items at low prices. You type in Alpine SPS-600C into the search bar, hoping to find some new ones for a few dollars off, and if you’re lucky free shipping. You are shocked! You ram the point of your mouse into the link that has new Alpine SPS-600C for $55 off the store price and free shipping, and you click on it with great determination and a strong intent to buy!!! You place your “Buy It Now” order and wait until the package arrives in the mail the next week. You pull you car into your driveway and spot the package on the front porch smiling excitedly at you just as you are it! You are very happy at this point, alas, you have to wait until the next day to get them installed in your car. You take your car to the installation center with the new speakers riding shotgun, and you are happy to pay the installation fee with all the money you saved on eBay. You have a bite to eat at the eatery next door while your speakers are being installed. You then return to the installation center after dinner and pick up your car with its amazing new Alpine speakers! You turn the volume up to 45 on the way home and are amazed at how clear and crisp the new speakers sound compared the stock ones, which are now sitting on the floor on the passenger side (the old speakers actually seem to be enjoying the great-sounding music as well). You listen to your favorite CD blaring through the new speakers at an astounding decibel rate, and then switch to SIRIUS Satellite Radio. You hear the music coming straight from outer space directly into the awesome new circles of good sounds. You get a slight headache from the loud music, but shake it off and end up staying in your car longer than you originally planned to. You then proceed to get on your computer to write a hub on HubPages about the great story that you wanted to tell the entire world!!

Well, that’s what you would do if you were me!! ;) (Yes, this is my story about finding new car speakers, with slight tweaks for the "shock value" or "thrill factor" as some may say.) I love my new Alpine SPS-600C speakers! Keep and eye out for a review of them in the near future.



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    • parkerk393 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Arlington, Texas

      Yes, I know every sentence starts with "You", but that's how I wanted it.


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