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A-Team (2010)

Updated on June 29, 2010
The original A-Team
The original A-Team

I Pity The Fool....That Watches This Movie

The "A-Team?" More like the "D-Team." "D" standing for dumb as dog s***. They may major in the ridiculous in terms of getting assignments done but as a film, it fails to even grasp the attention of it's audience. Not only was the "A-Team" not fun at all to watch, it was actually rather boring. Seriously, I never seen a more boring film in my life. Nothing about this film kept my interest, as I literally had to force myself to stay interested in this film. For those that don't know, this film is essentially about a rag tag team of United States Army Rangers known only as the A-Team. A team that specializes in the ridiculous, as they're allegedly unbeatable to stop. Unfortunately, they end up in jail for a crime they didn't commit, and were forced to escape for their lives. While trying to figure out who the culprit was that framed them, in the first place.

To be honest, I never watched a single episode of the original "A-Team" show, but I'm sure it had to be a helluva a lot more entertaining than this. As not only was this film bad, but it gives a whole new definition to the word bad. As the story was ridiculously cliched and predictable. Heck, if that wasn't bad enough, the introduction to this film was even cheesy, as all these men were just Army Rangers randomly roaming the desert, so they form a team. What kind of logic is that? I don't know if the original show was like that, but that's just freaking stupid. I'd buy into it more if they were I don't know...ASSIGNED to be on the same team. Not just be like, "Oh your an Army Ranger too? Wow, what a coincidence? So am I, that means we should form a team together." Yeah, talk about unrealistic and lame. Seriously, that weak a** intro was the best they could come up with? I'm starting to wonder if Hollywood even has good writers for action films these days.

Sure, the special effects and explosions are good as expected, and I'll admit the love affair between Faceman (Bradley Cooper) and Charisa Sosa (Jessica Biel) was kind of intriguing as well. Unfortunately, the love story between them never gets fully fleshed out, nor does it ever explain why they broke up in the first place. Something that seems like "The A-Team" could have explored more on. As it would've been kind of interesting to see a bit more conflicted drama with her, since she was the one assigned to lead a squad to chase and arrest the A-Team.

However, it seems the writers and director, Joe Carnahan, were more content with having B.A. Baracus' (Quintin "Rampage" Jackson) story explored where he temporarily becomes a pacifist, after he goes to jail. Of course, we all know that doesn't last. Which leads me to my next point about this film.

As I watched this film, the acting performances came off rather stagnant, as it felt like the actors were trying to merely imitate the characters rather than actually playing their parts. Something that I'm not sure if that was their intention, but it just makes the film seem that much less interesting.

Overall, if you want to see a truly great action movie, then see "The Losers." If you want to see a piece of crap, then see "The A-Team." Indeed, it seems according to the show's intro, there's not a job that they can't handle. However, it seems we may have found out that one job they can't handle this time. That job is...producing a quality action film. That was something "The A-Team" failed to generate.


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    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Escareno 

      8 years ago


      yeah, i wouldn't mind hearing what the rest of the original a-team's thoughts are on the remake, as it does seem odd that they're being awfully quiet about it. that or they probably got paid to keep their mouths shut about it, since they didn't want any bad press.

      as for everything else you just said, im terribly sorry to hear that all this is happening to you. i wish i was in a better position to help you, and i apologize that one guy scammed you. however, you need to learn to start saying no to people though. as a good friend taught me on here, no is a beautiful word. trust me, its a great word that you need to start becoming more familiar with. otherwise, people will continue to try to take advantage of you. your a really sweet and nice girl, and i hate to see that happen to you. however, you have to realize that you can't help everyone in the world though, as mean as that probably sounds. however, it's true. life isn't a fairy tale. plus, not everyone who cries out for help is innocent or sincere, as some of them are just predators that prey on nice people's kindness to get what they want. trust me, i used to be the same way, so that's why i don't want to see you fall into the same trap as i did before.

      look, i really can't comment on your father's situation, but the only few pointers i can think of to tell you is that you should probably try filing for bankruptcy, as my mother had to do that when she fell tragically into debt when she divorced my father. This reduced her debt down to zero, even though it did ruin her credit score for a while. However, over time she was able to reestablish her credit score. That's one way you could go, or you could try applying for other government programs like food stamps or try to see if you can apply for things like well fare or social security for yourself. i don't know if that'll work because I'm unfamiliar with the terms of those sadly, but you can always look into it if you like. Another thing you can also try is trying to apply for government grants, scholarships and such, since i know you told me once that you wanted to go back to school.

      Therefore, you could always go that route, as that would give you enough money to pay off some of your debts and be able to afford school again. Anyway, i hope all this helps you. if not, just e-mail me okay.

      anyway, im deeply sorry again to hear about your troubles, and i hope everything works out for you. just remember, you need to worry more about taking care of yourself okay, as not everyone who claims to be a victim is necessarily a victim if you catch my drift? Trust me, I figured that out the hard way a lot of times in my life, until a good friend of mine on here taught me how to say no and be more confident about things. therefore, i hope you realize that too. the next time a person you don't know asks you for help, just tell them that your sorry but you can't help them. your not responsible for them, nor should you be. anyway, i don't mean to lecture you like that, but i hope that helps okay. im deeply sorry to hear about your struggles though...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      yes, the movie does miss the whole point of the original show. it saddens me to see after one of the original characters is dead they are making a mockery of the show he liked being apart of. the lead character George Peppard(Hannibal) died in '94. i'm surprised that mr. t is the only one talking about how bad the movie is. i want to know what Dirk Benedict(Faceman) thinks about it. or how about Dwight Schultz(Murdock) what does he think about the movie? where are those two and why haven't they come forward with their opinions?


      things are not getting better for me. they seem to get worse even when i try helping others. at my yard sale i came across a man that's trying to get a bus home to see his daughter for her birthday. he had an old pony express belt buckle and convinced me that it's solid brass. he talked me into giving him $20 for it. now he has enough money to go home. but i looked it up online and found the buckle is only worth $15. so, i lost another five dollars while trying to make money by selling all of my memorable possessions. things just keep going the wrong way for me. i fear that very soon i will be living off of pots of soup beans and ramen noodles. i have nothing left to hope for anymore. living day by day i just want to scream as each new day seems to rob me of whatever goodness i started out with. everyone tells me that sometimes everybody hits hard times and things will get better soon. i just can't see how they'll get any better. especially seeing how my father no longer has a job to go back to and social security office is telling him that they can't help him for two more years till he retires. so my 60 year old father that just had a hip replacement is out looking for work and not a single place is going to hire him. in the mean time, i'm stuck paying my bills and his. leaving broker than a failing contestant on american idol.

    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Escareno 

      8 years ago


      your welcome. anytime, and thank you for stopping by and commenting. it's a pleasure seeing you. :)


      wow, i knew there had to be a reason why the original a-team was popular, and now i know. it sounds like the film then just completely missed the whole point of what the show was about then if that's the case.

      anyway, it's very good seeing you again, as i was starting to think i might never see you after all that's happened. i hope things are going well for you, and I hope that where ever you are, you'll be fine. just take care of yourself okay, and thanks again for stopping by.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i loved the original "A-Team."

      i used to watch it with my dad. that and sports were the only shows i was allowed to watch with him. all of the other shows were to violent. so as a little girl i would love hearing the theme music to the a team because it meant some time to sit down with my dad. the family aspect along with the comedy of the show made our time seem special. i will never watch the movie because alot of the critics are talking about the bad guys actually getting killed and many sex scenes. that just completely misses the whole point of the show, which was family and doing what's right fighting for the little guys.

    • girlincape profile image

      Kasey Rubenstein 

      8 years ago from California

      Ha! Just as I suspected. I definitely won't be seeing this anytime soon. I might be seeing The Losers, though, thanks for the recommendation.


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