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A Thorough Guide To Electro House Music

Updated on April 1, 2009

Welcome to the exciting world of Electro House Music!

Brief Introduction:

Electro House music is a relatively new genre of music that is taking the Electronic Dance Music world by storm. It is considered one of the fastest growing genres of music largely due to the fact that it combines many elements from other genres. Because Electro House borrows aspects from many other genres, it is a very natural transition into Electronic Dance Music compared to Techno, Drum & Bass, and Trance for people who are fans of other genres.


Many people cite the origins of Electro House to be attributed to the “Electro Clash” movement of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. It featured highly synthesized beats similar to dance songs of the 1980’s but were made to sound “dirtier” and hit much harder (more powerful beats and increased high’s and low’s). Around the same time that this was taking place “Tech House” was starting to rise in popularity in the Detroit Underground. “Tech House” featured the smoothness and more relaxed progression of “House Music” with the hard hitting energy filled style of “Techno”. When these 2 emerging styles combined, they formed a new, spinoff genre which is now what we call “Electro House”.


Electro House music is defiantly and upbeat and dance oriented style of music. One characteristic of Electro House is that it features big “Drops” (meaning that the music will be progressing fairly slowly and then all of a sudden it will “drop” into a powerful, unpredictable beat). These drops really come off well in a live performance and the crowd usually responds by dancing intensely. As previously mentioned, Electro House borrows many other genre’s including Rock, Hip Hop, and Pop. Many popular mainstream songs are often remixed into popular Electro House versions including Rihanna, Lady GaGa, and even Red Hot Chili Peppers. Electro House tracks usually range from 5-6 minutes in length with a gradual build upbeat to make it easier for DJ’s playing the song live to beat match (sync the current song with the previous song). Popular Electro House releases commonly do not only have the “Original Mix” of the song but often an “Edit” mix which is more radio friendly and around 3 minutes long with no build up beat.

Live Shows:

Although listening to Electro House music on a computer or by yourself is good, to get the true experience it is essential that you go to a show with a good DJ who plays Electro House. Many popular party DJ’s play Electro House, such as Steve Aoki, and are known to be some of the best parties around. The term “Rave” is often coined to some of these parties but don’t let that deter you. When people think of "Rave" the next word that comes to mind is “Drugs”. While it is true that some people will use drugs at these shows, it is not essential to enjoy the night and many other do not use drugs.

Discovering Electro House:

To discover Electro House and find artist and sub genres that you enjoy you should listen to everything you can get your hands on related to the genre. Many loyal fans have created blogs to try to promote the genre. Many of these blogs feature an “Electro House Track Of The Day” section which you should check out daily to get the latest tracks. Also you should read as many Electro House Reviews about different releases as you can in order to find out which releases are considered good. Youtube is another good resource where you can find many Electro House Tracks that you can listen to without downloading or even Electro House Videos.

Top DJs:

Here is a list of some of the current top DJ s to get you started:

Steve Aoki


DJ Dan




Eric Prydz

Fedde La Grand


Electro House Headquarters: A blog committed to the genre of Electro House. Features Electro House Videos, Electro House Reviews, Electro House Tracks, and Electro House News.

Beatport: The top online source for all genres of Electronic Music. Large Electro House section.


Hope you enjoyed the Hub! Please leave your comments and suggestions on how to make it better!

DJ Klever
DJ Klever
Electro House DJ Steve Aoki and Lindsay Lohan
Electro House DJ Steve Aoki and Lindsay Lohan


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    • profile image

      danny 2 years ago

      If you need dj drops for your next mix check me out guys

    • profile image

      OJ 3 years ago

      I'm sorry electro did not come from sweden! Eric prydz (pryda) is NOT an electro house DJ.

    • profile image

      Electro 4 years ago

      Electro is a different genre, morons.

    • profile image

      Frank 5 years ago

      ugh seriously lindsay lohan?

    • profile image

      Austin 5 years ago

      You forgot the best one... Feed Me.

      Skrillex is also worth a mention, a lot of people seem to think he's dubstep.

    • profile image

      yeah 6 years ago

      Prydz is actually pronounced Pry-za and Electro HOUSE originated in Sweden

    • youandmeR1 profile image

      youandmeR1 6 years ago from Detroit, Mi. USA

      eric prydz and pryda are the same person, are they not?

    • Jalexa profile image

      Jalexa 7 years ago from London

      Where did Electro come from please...

      outta here with the ultimate beat....

      peace :)