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A Touch of Magic by John Teo, Singapore

Updated on September 22, 2010
John Teo, Corporate Trainer & Magician - Singapore
John Teo, Corporate Trainer & Magician - Singapore

John Teo - Corporate Trainer and Magician, Singapore

John Teo is based in Singapore, and takes on assignment locally and overseas as a Corporate Trainer and Entertainer. A man full of humour. Indeed an outstanding, professional and entertaining magician, John is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Fellowship of Christian Magicians. John is also a Corporate Trainer. He uses magic as a tool to bring a point across to the participants. He memerizes a group of Certified Professional Trainers (Quest Group), as he entertains them at a Graduation Dinner at Singapore SUNTEC City recently. With permission granted by him, I share with you some of his magic tricks.

NOTICE: As thes Videos were shot under dim lighting, please adjust your screen to an angle that gives you the best image.

Changing Kings into Jokers. Most Kings are not Jokers.

Corporate Trainer and Magician, shares how he started to work with magic when he was amused by this trick of Kings and Jokers. As he performs, we really did not know whether it is the Joker or the King that has been changed. Magicians has a great sense of humour and showmanship. I have watched Andre Cole, David Copperfield, David Blain.... John Teo is acquainted with what they do as he is also a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

I Can Read Your Mind, This is Scary and Dangerous

John Teo asks an audience Willy Lim (Business Coach) whether he knows what word is behind the Board..... and John knows exactly his answer. Can magicians really read our minds? If they can... it definitely is very scary. Magician John Teo definitely has something to give us a lighter side of mind-reading.

Seeing the Invisible with that Special Pair of Magical Glasses

John Teo picks a volunteer from the Audience Tan Teck Beng (Sales Trainer) to be his assistant to help him with this trick. In this show, he explains why Magicians use LARGE Cards. John says he can see the INVISIBLE with a pair of Special Magical Glasses or Spectacles. Yes.... that pair of seeing glasses really was the tool he needed to perfect his ability to SEE the Invisible. With this ability, will the police employ him to assist in cracking their cases?

Can Magician John Teo be a Good Fisherman?

Only if we know some magic, we will be having fish for our meals everyday. This will save us a lot of money. John Teo tells us why fish are intelligent and what gets them into trouble. Watch how his 3 lines can produce 3 fishes towards the end of the presentation. He is really fast with his hands. Very entertaining!

Selling Fish is like Magic if You Know How

John explains to a fish salesman why he should not place a sign board like "FRESH FISH SOLD HERE TODAY". It is really not needed if you hear John's Explanation. He actually TEARS up his sign bit by bit. The fish salesman panicked when his boss called up to check if the sign board is already put up. Find out the whole story and the conclusion. Selling Fish is indeed Magic.

Magicians Use FAKE Cards to do their Tricks - True or False

We all know that Magician use Magically designed cards to perform tricks. John Teo calls them FAKE Cards. See what he has to say about fake cards in magic tricks. If you can SEE them, you will notice that the cards he used are in fact FAKE cards. He definitely tricked us like any professional magician does for a living.

Do you notice the Spots or Holes? Magic confuses people

Here, John Teo who is good with his hands and the way he talks, confuse the audience and change our focus. Aren't magicians a frightening lot of professionals. So... Is it the hole or the spots? David Blain, David Copperfield do confuse our minds when they do their tricks too. Let John Teo confuse you with his magical trick.


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