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A Traditional Journey: From Traditional to Contemporary Gospel Music

Updated on July 23, 2013

A Journey From Traditional to Contemporary Gospel Music

Even from a little boy, gospel music has always been an integral part of my life.

Although, at a young age, traditional down home southern gospel is the genre of music I was raised on with my parents being from the south and all. Alabama, to be exact.

Most of the lyrics of traditional southern gospel to me are very basic in nature however, it packs a punch with its soul stirring rhythms and its heart felt messages.

Then there were the hymns that Grandma use to sing. Songs like " the Lord, He heard my cry, and pitied every grown." I know I'm taking somebody back, but man, when you think about the words, it can stir up some powerful emotions.

Being blessed to share in the experience of growing up around such soulful and powerful messages of song and music, naturally, progression would introduce me to what's known as Contemporary Gospel.

Now, I haven't always been a big fan of this genre of music, because to me it was like worldly music composed with a backdrop of gospel and I wanted gospel to keep its authentic roots. It was disturbing.

That is, until I heard Yolanda Adams. Really not sure where I got the CD, but when I heard "The Battle is Not Yours, it's the Lord's" I was DONE. I guess cause at the time I was going through something so the words were ministering to me and the song spoke to things I was going through and provided hope for me on a such a personal level.

I guess I can say that Yolanda Adams and this very song played an instrumental role in my journey from Traditional to Contemporary Gospel Music because now I am a fan.

While we are living in a fast-paced society with many distractions it is difficult to stay focused, however, there are also many vehicles in which we can take advantage of to help keep us inspired and motivated.

It is amazing how a few inspiring words can literally transform your day. On many occasions this has certainly been the case for me and perhaps when you need some encouragement after life delivers some heavy blow your way you will grab a Gospel CD or turn to your favorite gospel radio station and allow contemporary gospel music to minister to you.

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The Battle is The Lord's


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