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A Tribute To Momoko Tsugunaga Former Member of Girl Groups Berryz Kobo and Country Girls

Updated on November 24, 2020
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Who is Momoko Tsugunaga and What Groups Was She a Member of?

Momoko Tsugunaga is a celebrity that had been in the public eye in Japan for a decade and a half as one of the members of the girl group Berryz Kobo. She also has served in the girl group Country girls as their leader and playing manager. She announced in January 2017 that she will leave Country Girls and the entertainment industry. I consider this announcement to be breaking news because she has been in the entertainment industry since 2002 when she was part of the group of teenage girls known as Hello! Project Kids.

Momoko Tsugunaga (left) is seen here with Ayaka Wada a member of the girl group called ANGERME.
Momoko Tsugunaga (left) is seen here with Ayaka Wada a member of the girl group called ANGERME. | Source

What Is This Tribute to Tsugunaga Going to Be About?

The question may be how are we going to now continue to pay tribute to Tsugunaga now that she has retired from the entertainment industry? We will not write a full biography of Tsugunaga but we will instead attempt to focus on some of her milestones that she has attained. But that won't be until later in the article itself.

A Brief Summary of Momoko Tsugunaga's Career

In 2004, she was one of 8 girls that was part of Berryz Kobo along with members such as Risako Sugaya. Berryz Kobo was put on hiatus in March 2015 and Tsugunaga took over as the official leader of Country Girls (formerly known as Country Musume from 1999 through 2014). However, Tsugunaga, 26, would not leave without taking part in one last entertainment activity. She was a member for a double A-side single called Good Boy Bad Girl / Peanut Butter Jelly Love. The two songs have contrasting styles. Good Boy Bad Girl is described as a “cool rock song.” Peanut Butter Jelly Love is described as a cute kind of idol song similar to those released back in the 1980's. The single was released on February 8, 2017. This article will serve as a tribute to Tsugunaga, a person that has interacted with so many individuals and been part of very entertaining songs such as Cha Cha Sing.

What Did Tsugunaga Say About Her Time in Berryz Kobo?

She kept her remarks short, focusing on a very interesting part of the group's history. Tsugunaga said that she would use what she has learned as a member of Berryz Kobo to not dye the group with one color. Tsugunaga would not start her activities with the group until Berryz Kobo went on a hiatus. Tsugunaga stated that she wants to leave the entertainment industry to study child education. Good luck to Chiba Japan’s Momoko Tsugunaga! If this is what she always wanted to study, then she should do so. Momoko Tsugunaga graduated from Hello! Project and Country Girls in June 2017.

A Special Comment About the Song Cha Cha Sing and Tsugunaga's Role in It

Cha Cha Sing is actually the first song tht I ever heard from Berryz Kobo and it is a very high energy song. Tsugunaga and the other members of the group have recorded their own solo versions of the song.


Momoko Tsugunaga With Chisaki Morito of Country Girls and Morning Musume 20 as of 2020

Why is Momoko Tsugunaga's Graduation Important?

This graduation is important because even though she has graduated, she is not sitting by and letting time pass. She is actually doing something with her life and I would expect her to be a good role model after she is done studying early childhood education. Note: she had plans to attend university to study as far back as 2010. She started in 2012 and finished in 2014 but I guess the news of this was not made public until last year.

Some Interesting Milestones About Momoko Tsugunaga

For instance, she has twice taken part in something called VS Arashi which is a variety show that has participants playing games with the famous boy band called Arashi. Arashi has been seen as a regular contestant on the singing contest called Kohaku Uta Gassen. Momoko also served as the ring girl for the WBA Championship one year. Tsugunaga has the distinction of having released the most solo photo books and DVD’s of any member of Berryz Kobo. Tsugunaga has had at least one solo singing line in every single Berryz Kobo single except for the one called Very Beauty. Momoko Tsugunaga now works as a teacher.

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