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A Tribute To "Saki Nakajima" in Photos - Member of Girl Group C-ute

Updated on March 6, 2018

Saki Nakajima at age 13

Idol singer Saki Nakajima is here at the age of 13. This photo was taken after the release of the group's 2007 single called Sakura Chirari.
Idol singer Saki Nakajima is here at the age of 13. This photo was taken after the release of the group's 2007 single called Sakura Chirari.

Motivation for the article about Saki Nakajima

Are you feeling that your life is on the wrong track? Are you thinking that somehow things have got to get better but you don’t know how to do this? The purpose of this next article is to show you one strategy that you can use to enjoy life to the fullest. I realize that no one can be happy all of the time. There are many ups and downs in life. I have been through all of them. You CAN make your life better. You CAN enjoy and achieve success in every area of your life. And it is not as hard as you may think. The healing power of music is there.

"Saki Nakajima" (2004-2006)

This strategy is listening to the musical group called C-ute. And in honor of the group, we will be looking back at the life and career of one of its members Saki Nakajima. This will also be a photo gallery of this Japanese idol singer. Nakajima was born on February 5, 1994 in Saitama, Japan. She got her start in the entertainment industry as an eight year old girl in 2002. Nakajima was one of 15 kids that were chosen after an audition for Hello! Project Kids. In 2004 when the girl group Berryz Koubou was formed, the first plan was to rotate these kids throughout the unit. Nakajima did not make the original group pick so this idea was dropped. As fate would have it, Nakajima was chosen to be a part of the girl group C-ute. In 2006, she became a part of an indoor soccer team which I have mentioned before called Gatas Brilhantes H.P.

"Saki Nakajima" (2007)

Nakajima joined the group called Athena & Robikerottsu. Joining her in the group was Chisato Okai, Aika Mitsui, and Risa Niigaki. This group was formed in 2007 and was formed because there is an anime called Robby & Kerobby. Niigaki does the voice of a character. Nozomi Tsuji of Morning Musume was supposed to join this group but she was unable to do so because of being on maternity leave at the time. Replacing her was Risa Niigaki then only 19 years old.

Photos of Saki Nakajima from 2008-2011

Saki Nakajima seen here in December 2008 celebrating the holidays.
Saki Nakajima seen here in December 2008 celebrating the holidays.
With Chisato Okai (right).
With Chisato Okai (right).

Guardians 4 and Petitmoni 5

The musical participation only broadened for Nakajima as she joined another group called Guardians 4. This group was formed for the purpose of singing the songs of the anime called Shugo Chara! This 2009 group had members Aika Mitsui of Morning Musume and Yurina Kumai and Risako Sugaya of Berryz Kobo. In 2010, Nakajima was chosen to be a part of the group Petitmoni 5. The group had been under the name of Petitmoni previously. But this reformed group had members Mai Hagiwara and Erina Mano, a solo singer who has also worked as a bikini model. During one of the concerts for C-ute, Nakajima suffered a hip injury and had to be taken out of the group until she recovered.

The song called Shock!

Saki Nakajima (2011-Present)

In February 2011, Nakajima was chosen as what was called a special supporter for the TV show called Bowling Revolution P League. That summer, she started her official blog called Blog Days. In December 2011, she would star in a stage play called 1974 Ikunayo with Karin Miyamoto of the group Juice = Juice, Haruka Kudo of Morning Musume and Chisato Okai. The play premiered or ran from December 14 through the 18th. Nakajima starred in a horror movie called Zomvideo in 2012. Nakajima would star in another stage play in September 2012. This one was called Cats Eye. Joining her in this play were some of the Berryz Kobo members including Saki Shimizu. Nakajima would then be part of another unit called DIY. Hello! Project leader Maimi Yajima. Miyabi Natsuyaki and Chinami Tokunaga as well as Morning Musume’s Haruna Iikubo joined her. On February 5, 2014, Nakajima released her photo book called N20. This was in honor of her turning 20. Yajima and Nakajima were announced to be the regular hosts for the new show called Furusato no Yume. The first episode aired on January 22nd. Nakajima along with these Japanese idols holds special birthday events every year. Saki Nakajima will graduate along with her C-ute band mates in June 2017 after a concert at Saitama Super Arena. Saki will then be working as a solo artist. She does a solo version of the song Shock! That song has a folk kind of influence to it. By the time the career of the group comes to an end, C-ute will have had 35 singles as a group. They are bringing to a close a career spanning 12 years. I hope that Saki can be as successful as a solo singer as she was being in a group.

Saki Nakajima Pics (2011-2015)


The Song Cherry Blossoms Scattering


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