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A Tribute to Ayaka Wada Japanese Singer Fashion Model & Member of the Group Angerme

Updated on March 29, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Photos of Ayaka Wada in a White & Black Dress

Ayaka Wads about to enjoy what looks like a cup of black tea.
Ayaka Wads about to enjoy what looks like a cup of black tea.

What Will Be the Focus of This Article About Ayaka Wada?

Those of you that enjoyed the tribute article about the lovely Yuko Oshima should be able to enjoy this one too. This next tribute is going to be given to singer and fashion model Ayaka Wada who is scheduled to graduate from idol group ANGERME and Hello! Project in the spring of 2019. Wada is the leader of this group and she is making her preparations for life after the group ANGERME. There will also be some information about her career but for the purposes of this article, attempts will be made to keep things a bit simpler. For instance, not all of the interesting facts about Ayaka will be listed. There will only be some of those facts listed along with a short response to some of them.


What Were Ayaka Wada's Reasons for Wanting to Graduate?

Wada is now the final original member of ANGERME to graduate from the group formerly known as S/Mileage. Wada had made this announcement on April 5, 2018 via her blog as her plans for leaving the group were being planned way back in 2017. She revealed that she asked herself whether she could continue chasing the same dreams as everybody else. The present moment and that thought was in Wada’s mind as she thought about what to do. Wada had always had the focus on her group activities but also said that the second generation members told her to do what she wanted to do.

Wada also revealed that there was a part of her that felt that the group would really become who they are as a unit after she left. Following her graduation, Wada will continue her work as an idol while taking the time to explore other fields.

Ayaka Wada (left) is pictured here with the gorgeous Yuhane Yamazaki of the group Ame no Mori Kawa Umi.
Ayaka Wada (left) is pictured here with the gorgeous Yuhane Yamazaki of the group Ame no Mori Kawa Umi.

Ayaka Wada Will Have a Graduation Single!

Ayaka Wada’s graduation single is a double A-side single called "Koi wa Accha Accha / Yumemita 15-nen (Fifteen)". The single will be released on April 10, 2019. The word “Accha” means good in the Hindi language. The lyrics for this first song were written by Ameko Kodama. Meanwhile the second song was written by former member of ANGERME Kanon Fukuda. Fukuda commented on social network site Twitter saying: "It was one of my dreams to write lyrics for ANGERME, and I am involved in Ayaccho's last single, (Fukuda, 2019)" The title of "Yumemita 15-nen" is in response to S/mileage's debut single "Yumemiru 15-nen" that came out in May of 2010.

The double A-side single will have five different editions and they are Regular Editions A-B, and the Limited Editions A, B, and SP.

About Why Ayaka Wada is an Important Celebrity

Wada was the leader of the group ANGERME and her career with the group dates back all the way to 2004.

She got her start in a very technical, rigorous, yet entertaining way. She joined Hello! Project in 2004 as part of the unit called Hello! Pro Egg with 29 other young girls. The goal of this unit is to get adequate vocal and dance lessons to get training to be able to join Hello! Project as full-time idol singers.

Ayaka Wada Sings With Riho Sayashi

Some Interesting Facts About Her

  • She eats bread in the morning.
  • Her favorite spot is her room. She probably enjoys a lot of quiet time to herself.
  • If Wada could be in another group, she says she would be in Morning Musume.
  • It is a shared belief among fans and other members of Hello! Project that Ayaka Wada has become a more reliable person and leader since the second generation joined.
  • At first she disliked the idea of new members being added but she later welcomed the girls.
  • She has a huge fear of snakes. Some of us have that fear where we dislike snakes, spiders, and scorpions.
  • Of all the members of ANGERME, Ayaka Wada is featured in the most magazines.
  • The idols that Wada admires and respects the most are Momoko Tsugunga and Maimi Yajima.
  • Her favorite Western artists are Rembrandt and Edouard Manet.
  • She is the first member of Hello! Project to enter graduate school as of March 2017.
  • Wada said that if she could be reborn as someone else she would like to have been Aya Matsuura because she was considered the top songstress in Hello! Project.
  • Wada says that she thinks she is the best member of Hello! Project when it comes to appreciating art.

Ayaka Wada Has a Solo Song Released!

Note: now that Wada has her own solo career started, she has released a solo song called Une Idole as of October 10, 2019. A video has been released for the song which has footage in both France and Egypt.


Fukuda, K. (2019, March 15). Tokyo hive. Retrieved March 17, 2019, from

"Une Idole"

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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