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A Tribute to Beautiful Japanese Actress and Fashion Model Mirei Kiritani

Updated on October 23, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

A First look at the beautiful Mirei Kiritani

A photo of the beautiful Mirei Kiritani from her first photo book called Shitsuren Ryokou Paris as she poses for a photo in Paris, France.
A photo of the beautiful Mirei Kiritani from her first photo book called Shitsuren Ryokou Paris as she poses for a photo in Paris, France.

Mirei Kiritani is one of Japan's special actresses

There are celebrities that are special enough that they deserve to be written about, talked about and admired. One such person is Japanese actress and fashion model Mirei Kiritani. This article is a tribute to a woman that has worked hard to get to where she is today. It is not only celebrities such as Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman or Humphrey Bogart that have gotten recognition and fame for their contributions to the movie industry. Mirei Kiritani should get recognition for what she has done so far and she is only 28 years old. Who is Mirei Kiritani?

Introduction to Mirei Kiritani of Chiba, Japan

Mirei Kiritani profile

  • Date of birth is December 16, 1989.
  • Her place of birth is Chiba, Japan.
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Height is 164 centimeters
  • Weight is 39 kilograms
  • She has one brother.
  • Her agency is Sweet Power.
  • She is a graduate of Chiba High School.
  • Mirei enjoys music as a hobby.
  • She is skilled at playing the piano.
  • She is a model for the famous Seventeen Magazine.

Another reason why Mirei Kiritani is a special celebrity

It was in December 2014 that Kiritani held what is called a release event for her first photo book Shitsuren Ryokou Paris. Kiritani said that her idea of a 25 year-old is a person that wears suits and works hard. Kiritani revealed that she still wears sweats and she has not caught up to her ideal just yet. Even though Kiritani is now 26 years old, she insists that nothing has changed. She also said that the photos in the photo book were taken with a very different concept in mind. When reporters asked her what her favorite shot was, Kiritani showed a picture of herself lying down in the streets of Paris while wrapped up in a newspaper! Paris is Kiritani’s favorite city. She said that she wanted to do something that she had never done before. At the time that she posed in that picture, it was cold. Kiritani said that she is not the type of person that holds on to heartbreaks and she is hopeful that love will come to her. She described herself as indecisive and she wants to be around a man that is a leader. Kiritani also said that she would like to go to Disney Land for Christmas once in her life. Kiritani has much work to do in her career and she said that she wants to continue being her natural self. At the release event for the photo book, she was in tears when she was presented with a special birthday cake.

Mirei Kiritani and Her Great Fashion Sense

Mirei Kiritani the college graduate!

Usually when we refer to graduation in the Japanese entertainment industry, we usually talk about members of these girl groups that graduate and move on to other jobs. But this time, a celebrity has graduated from the university. That celebrity is actress and supermodel Mirei Kiritani. Kiritani announced the details of her graduation from Ferris University on March 20, 2015. Including her two year leave, Kiritani has graduated from the university with a communications degree 7 years after she first entered. It just goes to show all of us that if we work at something and really put effort into it, we will succeed. Kiritani said that even though she took longer than most people it was because of that reason that she was able to meet more people and enjoy her experience. Kiritani graduated from college at 25, the same age that I was when I received my degree.

Kiritani began taking classes again in that school year. It was a while for the actress and model that she was able to maintain her balance between work and school. Even though this was hardfpr her, Kiritani described the experience as “nostalgic and fun.” She said that her goal was to graduate no matter what. When you have that kind of determination and you want to graduate from a university, age is just a number. Kiritani took the time to express her gratitude for her friends, her parents, and people working at her agency, and her teachers for their support until the end. Kiritani also said that these last 7 years have been an unforgettable experience. She says that she has gotten to learn things that she would not have learned if she had just been working. It has given her much strength to not become discouraged by the huge amount of papers that she had to write. Kiritani also mentioned that she made friends that she will be always connected with. Kiritani describes these years of her life as the time that she was a normal girl. She said that she is glad that she did not give up. Starting in April 2015, this marks her first full year as a working adult although she began her career back in 2006. Although I have not seen any of her movies yet, the fact that Kiritani is now a college graduate is a great piece of news for her. It is also a great piece of news for Japan’s entertainment industry as this shows that even celebrities can attend the university, make many friends, and thrive academically as Mirei Kiritani has.

Mirei Kiritani is from a famous area of Japan (Chiba)

Mirei Kiritani is one of a few notable people that is from Chiba. That is another reason why she is special. Supermodels Harumi Nemoto and Risa Yoshiki are also from Chiba. Japanese singers Atsuko Maeda and former Morning Musume beauty Kei Yasuda are also from Chiba. Mirei Kiritani combines beauty, acting, and a willingness to learn and get educated. She won a Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Asahi TV’s Shinigami-kun.

Mirei Kiritani held her wedding reception with actor Shohei Miura at a hotel in Tokyo, Japan on December 23, 2018. The couple had registered their marriage in July 2018.

© 2016 Ara Vahanian


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