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A Tribute to Japanese Pop Music Group Nmb48

Updated on August 29, 2021
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

What Will This Article About NMB48 Cover?

This article is a tribute to girl group NMB48. It will cover a few specific events in the group’s history and this will not be a complete biography of the group. And as for Japanese idol group NMB48, they were going to do something that they had not done in more than seven years. As of May 2019, there is a current news item about NMB48 so stay tuned until the end of the article!

A Photo of Girl Group NMB48 Back in 2012 With Sayaka Yamamoto In the Center

Pictured in the center is former member Sayaka Yamamoto.
Pictured in the center is former member Sayaka Yamamoto. | Source

What Was This Kinki Tour About?

The group did what is known as a Kinki Tour called NMB48 Kinki Juuban Shoubu 2019. NMB48 last toured this Kinki Region 7 years ago. The tour will last from March to April 2019 and since the group will be undergoing a shuffle, or members being moved around, the members will perform with their new teams. This team shuffle was the first special event in the history of NMB48.

There Is Going to Be More Than Just a Simple Tribute to NMB48

The second thing that we are going to look at is that we will analyze the group’s song called Warota People by detailing what the song’s message is and what is the significance of the song.

Photos of Miru Shiroma With Other Members of NMB48

With Nagisa Shibuya (right).
With Nagisa Shibuya (right). | Source
With Miyuki Watanabe (left).
With Miyuki Watanabe (left).
With former member Rina Kondo (left).
With former member Rina Kondo (left).

What is the Message in the Song Warota People?

The beginning of the song tries to point out that we should try as much as we can to avoid arguments or confrontations with people who will pick on our faults and try to spread the word around that we are being negative. The song says that living in this world is hard. The second lyrical verse of Warota People is very interesting because it questions the validity of treating fake news as if they were real news. Is there a criminal investigation or witch hunt? The song is making a reference to now former US President Donald Trump because this is typically what he does, questioning the investigations into his campaign. He frequently took to Twitter to criticize and berate Robert Mueller at every opportunity. Politics aside, the song is also trying to bring across the message that it is up to each of us to shift our awareness and consciousness to looking at opportunities in this world instead of focusing on problems. We will not cause any trouble by being proactive, focusing on solutions and opportunities and we will be happier people. The problems on the other side of the shore are other people’s business and we should just flee these kinds of people at every opportunity.

"Warota People"

Member Kanae Iso Announces Her Graduation From NMB48

Note: as of May 2019, NMB48 is really busy as a group so there is even more news from this group.It has been reported that member Kanae Iso has announced that she wants to graduate from NMB48. What are her future plans? Hint: it is not what most of us would think. When she was in elementary school, Iso took part in the nationals for soccer. It is being reported that she wants to continue working as a soccer talento. Also, Iso has been named as a support ambassador for the INAC Kobe Leonessa. Her responsibility will be assisting the team that wins the Japan Women’s Soccer League. Congratulations to idol group NMB48 for having one of their members try something different!

Note: as we update this tribute article, member Kanae Iso has graduated from NMB48 as of September 2019.

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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