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A Tribute to Japanese Singer & Award Winning Actress Yuko Oshima

Updated on March 29, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

What is the Focus of This Article About Yuko Oshima?

Note: this article was first going to be created in order to focus on the romance life of former AKB48 member Yuko Oshima but I have now decided to write a tribute article about her because she was always one of the most popular AKB48 girls, and you can look at Oshima as having been like second in command to Atsuko Maeda who is considered the face of AKB48 but Oshima is the member that I love more.

A First Look at the Very Beautiful Yuko Oshima


Why Are We Paying a Tribute to Yuko Oshima?

The article is not a biography of Oshima but is a way to pay tribute to her because she has been ranked as the top AKB48 girl in 2010 and 2012 and even went to the top of the acting world.

The Latest News About Yuko Oshima

In a story that is certainly receiving attention in the Japanese press, it is now being reported that former AKB48 idol Yuko Oshima is now dating an American man. Or is she really doing this? In a recent issue of the tabloid magazine called Friday, it is being reported that Oshima, now 30 years old is dating an American man. The magazine has reached out to Oshima’s agency for comment because in an interview with Oricon news, her agency basically said that the singer and actress is in charge of her personal life and they declined to make any comments. This is the first story of romance involving a former AKB48 member since I wrote about Aki Takajo’s marriage.

Is Yuko Oshima Really Dating Someone?

The article in the magazine reported that Oshima went out on a movie date with the man and the man was reported to be dining with Oshima’s father. At this point, we cannot be sure whether this report is really accurate or true but writing about this story gives the world something more positive to focus on instead of turning their attention to the negative news of these days.

Yuko Oshima Talks About Marriage

After her graduation from super group AKB48, Oshima had said in a press conference that she had wanted to get married before she was 27. Following that press conference, she said in a TV program that marriage is something she had been thinking about marriage since her teenage years but added that she does not care if it doesn’t happen because it is a dream that she has had. It is true that dreams and reality are two different things. While I support Oshima with whatever she wants to do with her life, part of me as an AKB48 fan is a little disappointed that a tabloid would try to spread a rumor or gossip about Oshima. When Oshima was asked about what her ideal man would look like, she commented that she had wanted a prince on a white horse but this description does not suit her. There is a chance that she mentioned that she wanted a superhero to appear and someone like Ironman.

Yuko Oshima in a White Wedding Style Dress


Yuko Oshima Made Her Stage Acting Debut

She announced on September 10, 2014 on a late night radio show that she will make her debut as a stage actress. Oshima, who was then 25, played one of the two roles in a stage show. Oshima played the role of a woman who has become burdened with her life. to decide. She announced at the end of the radio show that she will act in this stage show. This event is important because it leads to the reasons why she is so important to Japan's entertainment industry.

Various Photos of Yuko Oshima

Yuko Oshima drinking water.
Yuko Oshima drinking water.

The Importance of Yuko Oshima

Why is Yuko Oshima important to Japan’s entertainment industry? She has been a member of the most popular girl group in Japan for 8 years, served as a center for several singles, is loved by the fans and she is an award winner! Oshima began her career with idol group AKB48 back in 2006 and she was the captain or leader of its Team K. Oshima graduated from AKB48 to focus on an acting career. In 2015, she got a lead role in a drama called “Yamegoku ~Yakuza Yamete Itadakimasu~." Oshima plays the role of a detective that is in charge of a helpline for people that are trying to get away from the Yakuza or the Japanese organized crime syndicate. She trained for the action scenes of the drama using Akido as a base and learned the skill of sword fighting. Oshima is also an Academy Award winner! At the 36th Japan Academy Prize Awards, she won an award for Most Popular Actor in the Japanese manga series called Ushijima the Loan Shark. For those of us that want to have a proper role model, Yuko Oshima is the person to choose because she has all the qualities of a person that we should try to be like.

Yuko Oshima Tribute Video

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