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In the Game: Saga Movie Series

Updated on September 26, 2013

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"In the Game" MidwestSide Ent Records/Dyamund Shields Film

In the Game is an urban tale of money, sexing women, anomie and murder in the city. KC from Kansas City, MO is a newly released ex-convict eager to get his feet wet again in the same streets that led to his incarceration. A protege of his cousin, KC has fetishes for money, women, ice and fast cars that grew more intense under the teachings of his cousin.

A domino of events puts him in the path of a woman named Crystal. She is a gorgeous, sybaritic woman and of course, KC cannot resist her. They each have a story. She's on her own secret mission. Together, on what becomes their final journey, KC and Crystal collect many POW. The two are unforgiving, having no remorse over the lives they change. In the Game. The hunters and the prey, roles can and do switch at the blink of an eye. This story is tragic and gruesome but 100% REAL.

Living any style of life comes with a price but the price paid depends on the life chosen. There is message to be received, don't miss it...

Be wise. While we only get one chance to live this life we still must take a moment to think about our actions and the reward factors of our actions on self and others. Never know how, if or when it'll catch up. Stop killing us. Stop robbing us. Stop abusing our women and men. Stop living out the stereotypes that have been placed on us. Take the business and entrepreneur skills and let's build ourselves and our communities.

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