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A Wild Movie Review of "Jumanji"

Updated on August 26, 2014

"Jumanji" Movie Poster

"Jumanji" Movie Poster
"Jumanji" Movie Poster | Source

"Jumanji" Plotline

A boy finds a game called Jumanji that makes drum sounds that only children can hear. He and his friend begin to play the game until something horrible happens that forces them to stop playing and they discover the dark nature of the game. Anything that occurs in the game actually happens. Many years later two children move into the old home of the boy and rediscover the game. They begin to play...

"Jumanji" Cast

"Jumanji" Cast
"Jumanji" Cast | Source


Director: Joe Johnston ("Captain America")

Alan Parrish: Robin Williams ("Good Will Hunting")

Sarah Whittle: Bonnie Hunt ("The Green Mile")

Judy: Kirsten Dunst ("Marie Antoinette")

Peter: Bradley Pierce ("The Borrowers")

Van Pelt/Sam Parrish: Johnathan Hyde ("The Mummy")

Aunt Nora: Bebe Neuwirth ("Frasier")

Carl: David Alan Grier ("Stuart Little")

Carol Parrish: Paticia Clarkson ("Marriage")

"Jumanji" Movie Still

"Jumanji" Movie Still
"Jumanji" Movie Still | Source

Movie Rating

5 stars for "Jumanji"

Movie Review

Back when I saw this as a kid I watched "Jumanji" at least once a week for a couple months. It was one of the best movies I'd seen at the time or was allowed to see at the time. To this day it still is an awesome adventure movie that I've seen countless times. It's just got such a great story, great action, and great actors in it that you get swallowed up into the plot and carried away on this frightening journey where their normal home becomes a dangerous jungle. "Jumanji" is one of the greatest family movies of all time!

The Good

  • Imaginative
  • Great adventure
  • Great cast
  • Fascinating story

This movie is very creative and unique. It's based on a children's book but it takes the book to new heights of imagination without losing the premise of the original book.

By far the grandest thing about "Jumanji" is the adventure, the terror, the jungle itself coming to life in the real world. It blurs the line in reality and an entirely different dimension.

No movie is good without the help of the cast. This cast is great and you love them all warts and all! You want them to survive. Yes, they have faults but you want them to succeed. Alan is a toughened wild man after years living in the jungle but he genuinely learns how to be a good man during the course of the movie. Sarah is a strange eccentric woman who is a medium. Despite being traumatized for much of her life she is still a caring person. Judy and Peter are sad kids who are dealing with the loss of their parents. They are good kids though, who just want to finish the game and end all the pain it has caused. The cast while dealing with very serious issues, and scary situations, still create some lighthearted moments that can make the audience laugh.

The story is really well written. It works around several different time periods, shows excellent timing for adventure and humor, and stays interesting throughout. The writers did a superb job with the script. I think it's one of the more deep children's movie stories out there to this day. It deals with loss, with parents that think you are a disappointment or not good enough, and with the concept of what it is to grow up and be a good person. The movie even as a romance written into the script that is just perfectly done.

The Bad

  • May scare very young audiences

This is an adventure movie that has some scary situations that involve life and death scenarios. Some younger audiences might want to wait to see this movie until they are ready. The game Jumanji is actually a very disturbing concept as it creates a wild, treacherous jungle to come alive in the players own home and town. Younger kids may find this frightening.

Similar Movies

  • "Zathura"
  • "Night At The Museum"

Who Is The Audience For This Movie?

This movie is rated PG so maybe kids eight and up will like it the most.Nothing is overly violent, there is just some scary life and death situations involving jungle creatures attacking the protagonists. Adults may like watching this for the adventure elements even if they don't have children. It's really a movie for anyone who likes a good imaginative adventure movie with some humor. I rate it a five out of five stars.


Movie Trivia

"Jumanji" was made in New Hampshire. The film crew left an ad on a wall right in the center of the town for Parrish Shoes which can still be seen.

Movie Quotables

"What, are you crying? You don't cry, all right? You keep your chin up. Come on, keep your chin up. Crying never helped anybody do anything, okay? You have a problem, you face it like a man.

(Peter continues to cry and Alan realizes what he just said)

"Hey, hey, I'm sorry, okay?... Twenty-six years buried in the deepest darkest jungle, and I still became my father." -Alan Parrish in "Jumanji"

"Jumanji" Movie Preview


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