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A break down of the TOP 8 Idol showdown

Updated on April 14, 2011

Again blown away by every performance. This years Idol contestants are the best to ever hit the stage. With that being said, lets get down to it. This is my break down of the Idols performances. And it may or may not shock you!

First to perform was Paul McDonald. I must say at the very beginning of the season I was rooting for him. I think he is a real artist. And it seems like he is a well seasoned performer every time he hits the stage. However, for me his performances have gotten a little stale. I think he is an acquired taste. A little corny. I don't believe he will make the top 2. But he will have a career for sure. Tonight's performance was good. But lacked the pizazz that I see some of the others have.

Up next was the always awesome Lauren Alaina. I have always liked Lauren. I think she has personality, style, talent and character. I think her performance tonight was outstanding. And I agree with the judges. She sang the song like it was hers. The only thing it lacked in my humble opinion was a little more "performance". I would have liked to see her move around a little bit more and really get into it. I was on the edge of my seat thinking; any second now shes going to really bring it home. And never did. But she did wow me vocally. And in a way, she reminds me a lot of Kelly Clarkson. I am surprised that I have never heard anyone mark the comparison yet.

After that was Stefano Langone. If you read my other article you know what I think of Stefano. This time I was surprised. He really performed. I saw him come out of his shell. Bravo Stefano! His performance was just enough to keep him on. I hope to see more performances just like that one from him. If I have to be completely honest... he is still not a favorite of mine. However, what he did was magical. He finally brought a piece of himself to his performance. AND Personality! Now he connecting! It might be to little to late... just like Pia. My advice to Mr. Langone would be to up is fashion sense a little. He should dress more flashy. He was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers! That might work for rock, depending on how you do it. But he seemed really under dressed. And not "super starish" at all. Enough said.

Then came Scotty McCreery. I know America LOVES county. I actually love some county. Honestly I am very well rounded in musical taste. I enjoy a bit of everything. And I mean everything. That is, if it's done well. America loves Scotty. I knew from the moment that he auditioned that this kid was meant to sing country. He would have a HUGE career in country music someday. He really has honed into a style of performance. And I like that. I don't love it. But I like it. I think his performance was a little lack luster. He has gotten too comfortable up there. I don't feel the push or drive. I would not be surprised if he was in the bottom 3. But I am not counting on it.

Now it was time for Casey Abrams to perform. I am so glad that the judges saved Casey. What a good call. And just in time for Pia to go home. Because if they hadn't saved Casey, they would have saved Pia. I think Casey puts more personality and heart into every performance then any Idol beside Jacob. His performances are raw, personal, and intimate. That is why J-Lo thinks he is sexy. And he certainly brings sexy to every performance. The thing that I really like about that is, you would never expect it to just look at him. After you see him in action it is clearly apparent. He is a true artist. Is it enough to win America's heart? I don't know. But I sure hope it is. It would really revive my faith in American culture if he made it to the top 5. RAW emotion! Can you get any better then that! It brings me back to my "Tori Amos" days. He is a lot like Tom waits. I imagine a poetic and smokey jazz concert... I would go to that show for sure.

Then Haley Rienhart performs. Haley has always been a top favorite of mine. And she did not disappoint at all! She has everything a performer should have. She oozes sex, personality, and owns the stage. She knows how to work the audience. Her movement and personality on stage is so natural. She is a REAL performer. I saw nothing wrong with the performance. And I watched it three times, just to see what the heck the judges where talking about. I think her performance was one of the most high energy numbers of the night. At this point I think the judges are just trying to push her. I see her in the Top 2 without a doubt. I don't know why they were so harsh. I thought that some of the other Idols needed more constructive criticism than her. On another note. I am glad that she is wearing her hair natural. They should have never straightened her hair. She has one of the best voices on the show as well.

Next came Jacob Lusk. Another favorite of mine. He has so much soul and love, it comes though every performance. I love that about him. And he brought every bit of everything we come to know and love. I know that Jacob will have an outstanding career. For some reason I do not see him winning Idol. But that is not for any reasonable reason. He is excellent in ever sense of the word. As a personal message to him I would say... "If or when you get voted off... never loose faith or hope. (As if you could) You are a "great" already. And I know in my heart someday you will be up for a Grammy."

To end the night there was James Durbin. And what a way to end the night it was. James, James, James. Wow. We have seen many try to tackle rock or metal on America Idol. Some of them were really good. However I have never seen a "rock" Idol singer bring it like James does. WOW. This was another of the Idol singers that personally stuck out in auditions in my opinion. And he has never failed to disappoint me. EVER. You can see his heart and soul are a part of the stage and performing. He commands the attention of everyone, every time he hits the stage. And really gives a show. I think the judges have said it more then once. You are watching a JAME DURBIN concert ever time he is on stage! It is an awesome thing to behold. If he does not make it into the TOP 2 I would be heartbroken and very disappointed in America. He oozes rock and metal like I have not see in a long time. An instant classic.

With all that said... I am very disappointed with the judges at this point. And I hate to say it, but Stephen Tyler really disappointed me. I LOVE him as a judge. But wow. I don't even know what to say. I would have thought he would have more to say. He was rather quite. And I really don't like how the judges seem to give praise to some of the "lacking" contestant and criticize some of the best. I know some pushing should be done. But I think they are over doing it.

Before I end this. I would like to add that every single Idol deserves to be on that stage. All of them stood out to me in the auditions, above and beyond the rest. Each and every one of them, regardless of my taste or criticism, are truly talented.

My predictions for the bottom three are... Paul, Stefano and Scotty.


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    • mariahpoo profile image

      mariahpoo 6 years ago from Northern California

      Garnet Greene- Thank you for your comment. You were right Scotty still has pull. I had 2 out of 3 right. :)

      jpcmc- Thank you for your comment! I agree with everything you said.

      Cameron Dean- Thank you! I thought Stephen started out pretty strong in the auditions. Since then he has fallen back. At this time I think he like the contestants so much he doesn't want to say anything to harsh. He has a big heart. I just want a little more out of him. But I am happy to leave Randy being the critical one. Great comment! Thank you!

    • Cameron Dean profile image

      Cameron Dean 6 years ago from New York

      The contestants are pretty good, so much talent it’s hard to choose. I’ve been very disappointed with Stephen Tyler from the beginning; I expected a lot more from him.

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      If Simon was there, he'd probably comment of Stefano's outfit. Not really idol material. Also, Paul's performance was just so so for me. The sax player had more appeal. I'm not a big fan of Hailey but I loved her performance in the top 8 showdown. Great vocal control especially during the chorus. Love her stained-glass inspired LITTLE dress. Big fan of Cassey and James as always.

      You summed up the top 8 showdown well. Can't wait for your hub on the elimination night.

    • Garnet Greene profile image

      Garnet Greene 6 years ago from Lovely Town, USA

      I agree on Stefano's fashion sense! Especially singing a Boys-to-Men song. They were always so suave. Last night was the time to wear the beautifully tailored suit. I don't think Scotty will be on the bottom tonight - but I guess we will find out!