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A comical sex change for the better

Updated on October 6, 2009
Still Just as ugly
Still Just as ugly
The great American Dream
The great American Dream

As Sung To The Tune of : Old Time Rock And Roll by Bob Seager and the Silver Bullet Band


Here's a solution for Afghanistan,

it way past time to try a different plan,

let's concentrate on finding only one man,

who hides so cowardly in Pakistan.


Let's train our death row inmates how to be

the perfect moles among the insurgency,

they'll learn the lingo and then Hollywood,

will make them up to look like boys from Bin's hood.


Then they'll infiltrate just a few at a time,

till there are hundreds of them on Bin's front line,

each with a promise in the back of thier minds,

if they succeed we'll pardon them of their crimes.


They'll capture Bin Laden alive.....unharmed

and when they've got him handcuffed, and unarmed

They'll spirit him away without alarm

to lead a new life that will match his charm.


We'll send him off to Sweden where they'll take

away the balls he does not have, and make

Bin undergo a sex change, then he'll be

a Bimbo Laden who will never be free.


We'll feed Bin hormones until he grows breasts

the size that Afghan men all love the best

His big brown eyes will glare from his smooth face

now free from hair, he'll face his next disgrace


We'll drape him all in black from head to toe

with veils and covered flesh...a fashion show

then on him we'll tattoo a big surprise

A U.S. flag inside his hairless thighs


Then when he looks just like a Taliban girl

we'll fly him back across our troubled world

and leave him near the Taliban's front line

perfumed but sweaty, he'll make quite a nice find


I'm sure he'll undergo some heavy sessions

like all Islamic women facing oppression

he'll offer them a patriotic feast

and learn the pleasures of just being a beast


No longer leading, humbly he will bow

they'll bend him over, and they'll teach him how

and maybe he'll know in his twisted brain

the way they treat their females is insane


He'll cry to Allah through a blur of pain

to grant him pardon but he will remain

a she forever on the desert plain

living a life debased, and quite profane.


I'm sure eventually he'll choose to slit,

his slender girlish throat in a hissy fit,

or hang himself upon a noose tightly fit,

and then at long last we'll be done with it.


©-MFB III-2001


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    • pellrider profile image

      pellrider 8 years ago

      Good poem.You said it all.