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A father's movie review - Toy Story 3

Updated on April 16, 2011

Seeing Toy Story 3 with Matty

Fun holiday weekend with my son - 4th of July 2010

The best part of life is sharing the time with our children doing fun things together. I always enjoy having such time and when I do I try to take full advantage and give my son all the time he deserves. We were very lucky to have a full weekend together during the 4th of July holiday with such beautiful weather. We enjoyed driving to and spending time at the beach, eating at my son's favorite restaurants, and topping it off with seeing a wonderful movie suited for children and the entire family. My son is a big fan of Pixar and Disney and he can rattle off the names of all the wonderful movies they have made to date and the years they were released having seen them all over the years and he never tires of seeing them again.

He has compiled lists of all the Pixar and Disney animated movies through the years and keeps them saved and he updates each of his lists to bring them current when a new movie is released. He also indicates on his list if he saw the movie in the theatre and if he has it in his dvd collection and he gives the movie his personal rating score. He also loves to write his own reviews of the movies he's seen in his own blog which I feel is a great thing because I always encourage him to express himself both verbally and in writing and he has improved significantly thanks in part to his teachers, himself with his willingness and desire to improve his skills and us, his mom and dad with our love and encouragement.

He does have one request when we see a movie and that is that we don't go to see it until the second week after it's initial release date. His reasoning is that he prefers lesser crowds and feels by the second week the hype will have diminished. If you ever have the privilege of meeting an autistic child you will understand such a request. I always respect my son's wishes and plan accordingly. As the holiday weekend was here I asked him if he was interested in seeing Toy Story 3 and cautioned him that there would likely still be crowds to see the movie since it was a holiday weekend and he was ok with that.

The first thing we do before seeing the movie is visit at the theatre concessions to get some popcorn, candy and drinks. Then we are all set to go into the movie theatre to enjoy the movie of my son's choice. We always try to get into the theatre before starting time to catch some of the coming attractions. My son always enjoys the wait up until when the movie starts and then is all excited when it finally does start.

We were both looking forward to seeing Toy Story 3 and once it started we were immediately drawn to it with it's exciting opening scene. It started out with good guy pitted against bad guy in a western theme where Woody, Jessie and Buzz were the good guys and Hamm, Mr and Mrs. Potato head and the aliens were the bad guys and the scene takes us on a train speeding on the tracks facing imminent danger for its passengers as One Eyed Bart and Betty (Mr and Mrs Potato head) blow up a section of the tracks. As it looks like doom for the likely heroes and the passengers Buzz Light year comes to the rescue and immediately we see Andy as a child playing out this scene in his room with all his toys we have grown to know and love from the previous Toy Story movies.

The movie then shifts to Andy preparing to leave for college in a few days and his mother asking him to sort through his toys and determine what he plans to keep and plans to give to charity. Andy has grown into a fine young man and his toys are anxiously awaiting what their fate will be as they believe Andy will wish to keep them and have them stored in the attic.

With any movie it is always nice to see it without knowing too much about it ahead of time so I promise that I will not reveal that much about the movie but will express my thoughts, opinions and overall feeling of the movie in a way that will be honest, sincere and relevant.

When I decide to take my son to a movie knowing his sensitivity and his aversion to violence I always need to do my homework on a movie because I have learned the hard way after having to walk out on some because although they were geared for kids they were just a bit much for my son. My son also has epilepsy so I have to be careful that the movie won't have scenes that could trigger a seizure. Also given that he is autistic my son is prone to speaking his thoughts without thinking about it so we have to find seating where we won't interfere with the audience viewing the movie.

There are many scenes in Toy Story 3 that are very enjoyable and I find the movie very touching and is truly a wonderful movie for a child and for the whole family. It has been a long time anticipating this third installment of this trilogy and I certainly feel it was worth the wait. There is a lot of sentimentality to this movie and I even found at the end of the movie that the emotional feelings the creators intended to stir really worked as I shed a tear. I particularly loved the scene when Andy decides to entrust his toys with a cute little girl in the neighborhood who crossed paths with Woody. It is very touching and pulls at your heart. I literally had tears in my eyes I thought it was so cute and very touching.

My son was thoroughly entertained by this movie and he gave it his thumbs up and he sat through the whole movie not getting up at all which is quite rare.

I found this movie quite nostalgic too with the toy concepts as I had similar toys when I was a kid and I have many fond memories of those toys and my childhood. My son loved the way the toys come to life in the movie and has always been a fan of all the Toy Story movies. I found the movie to be very entertaining and a movie that shows the innocence and beauty of childhood and our love for our toys and about growing up which is a very emotional time for us as parents realizing our children are now coming of age.

I highly recommend this movie and I would not be surprised if my son asks to see it one more time before it leaves the theatres. The movie is in 3D and purely magical. The music is performed by Randy Newman a true artist and it is wonderful listening to and compliments the movie. Most of the actors whose voices we associate with the toys are back with some exceptions. Matty already expressed his wish to add it to his dvd collection once it is released. I give this movie my seal of approval and found it to be a wonderful movie for both my son and myself and I would love to see it again with Matty, my wife and his grandma.

Toy Story 3 is a true delight and it pleases the child in all of us. Certainly worth the wait! Go see it!

Edward D. Iannielli III


Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 Trailer

Toy Story 3


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