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A favorite film of mine "The Crow".

Updated on March 7, 2015

The Crow


The remake will not be the same.

It is getting closer to that time of the year again, Halloween.

Granted I get to dress up for more things than most people, but I love dressing up as the "Crow".

It has been years since Brandon Lee has past away and there were two other Crow films which I believe really didn't do so good.

Maybe the other two actors just couldn't reach the stamina that Brandon Lee could and well I guess if you are the son of the legend Bruce Lee, you might possibly have some great genes passed onto you.

I got to admit, whomever put the kid from the Terminator film in as a "Crow" in the film did a horrible job in casting.

But maybe because he was a named actor in more into doing more films at the time, possibly the reason he could have been picked, but then again who am I to say?

I have dressed up many years as the Crow myself and enjoy it.

I guess hearing that they want to remake the Crow over or do something of a "follow up" to the Crow from many years ago possibly following where Brandon Lee left off would seriously be a sheer abomination.

But with so many remake after remake we know it will be inevitable no matter how much true Crow fans will want to petition this abomination.

But you got admit, the two guys they did cast in the second and third one are possibly nowhere to be really found today and maybe that was almost like some weird curse that doomed their acting career after that.

I think the only one that did a decent job of playing the Crow after that was another martial artist Mark Dacascos. Mark actually did the tv series, I think someday I will have to have a marathon of that show but I don't remember how long it lasted it's been awhile.

Yes, I know someone is probably going to bring the death of about Brandon, which indeed was no a mystery, but really was just an accident.

People that were working on set, got real bullets and cleaned them out but also there was a piece stuck in the chamber somewhere in the gun so when the gun was set off and fired it, it struck Brandon. When Brandon got hit people thought he was joking around so no one even realized that Brandon was really hurt.

Sometimes imagine how it would have been like if Brandon was still around, maybe the second and third film would have been a lot better, but then again Brandon might have only wanted to do just the one film and move on because I think he was looking to grow with different characters and wanted to make it on his own in this world.

I remember seeing the Crow in the theatres and to this day I am still kind of in shock that Brandon passed away.

Brandon was indeed a very talented and soulful artist that I could have seen him grown in a lot of films.

I think when the Crow was still in the making CG Effects were still kind of brand new so they had to try and finish the film with a double and special effects which I do believe they did a wonderful job with.

Go figure, it is a kind or weird love story where after death love still lasts.

Brandon's character, Eric is in love with Shelly. Ok, so I can't help myself, for me I get goosebumps I hear the name "Shelly" when watching Brandon Lee.

So go figure I fallen in love with the love story of Brandon and Shelly in which they will be reunited after Brandon is done with what he has to do on this earth and that is to right the wrongs here.

Of course I'm a little sentimental and that engagement ring that Eric gives to Shelly I would so love to get that ring, once again can't help it cause it's called "Shelly's Ring".

I actually looked it up and I can have it made.

I think it would be a nice reminder of a favorite film of mine.

I think also I would love to get a "Crow" tattoo.

Silly as it sounds, what can I say, just loved the film that much.

I think through the transformation of what Eric had to go through it kind of is like how some of us has to go through transformations ourselves.

Sometimes we do have to "die" to kind of be "reborn" again.

We all go through pain and tribulations, but just like the Crow we can go through things and obstacles and survive.

Many of us are indeed survivors in what we have gone through in life and maybe that is why I also like film.

Even though Eric is kind like the anti-hero I still love, love, love the Crow.

I still can't see the Crow really being remade because I honestly think when Brandon Lee died, that is when the Crow really died.

I do know that some of the actors from the film did go on to act in other films and became successful in their own way.

I wonder what Brandon Lee would think of the film The Crow in which it would have such an impact on so many people's lives that not only myself but others dress up in honor of the Crow.

I would love to do a Crow tribute film someday. But I would have to be really selective on who I would cast as the Crow, but than someone would truly have to understand the character that is for sure.

People are making fan films all the time so I don't think it is that impossible to make a fan film, especially since I truly have an understanding of the character Eric and his transformation of the Crow and inner depths of a little bit of our darker side that helps us to remain strong and helps us to survive while having values.

To stand up for what is right and righting what is wrong...The Crow.


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  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile imageAUTHOR

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 

    3 years ago from worldwide

    thank you for leaving a comment.

    It is hard with the rape scene for me too, I have seemed to fast forward through that sometimes.

    But I think when we are at our darkest hours, there is some sort of strength to help us go on.

    It also shows "Eric" played by Brandon Lee, whose love is still strong no matter what.

    Yes it is a different type of weird love story, but it shows even at a part of the film, where Eric went in search of his girl's ring and that meant a lot to him.

    I remember when Brandon died, I was in shock.

    He was such a beautiful human being, and yes he was human after all, but a man that has touched my heart for a lifetime.

  • JlynMacN9865 profile image


    3 years ago

    I also like the crow, not love love like you feel so passionately about. I also haven't seen it in years. The hardest part for me with the movie, but had to play a big part in the movie is the rape and murder of his girlfriend/ I can't recall wife or soon to be wife.

    What I do recall from the movie is the amazing job the writers did in the dialogue of the crow, and how well Brandon lee had delivered them.

    It's so sad I felt and still feel saddened that he was just at the beginning of his career, and I forsee he had a lot more work he was going to do fabulously.

    Not to mention, my personal persence isn't Asian looking guys, but I thought Brandon lee was a great mix and a very attractive guy.

    I recall only vaguely because it's been over 14-15 years or more years I believe I've seen the movie...but things that stuck out with me was how he spoke about things, anything and everything, in life - nothing's trivial.

    And when he went to the mother the junkie and actually cleansed the drugs from her system as they drained from her pores was amazing for me to see.

    I kno if I watched it again, especially with adult eyes and insights, as I watched it as a teen when it came out, I think I'd find more significance things in the movie.

    What is the parts that touch you so much? And why is it you feel such a connection beyond what you wrote, but deeper, what is it that really attracts you so much to the "CROW"?

    I agree a cult classic such as this movie like so many, should never be tempered with.

    I like mainstream stuff like many do, but the ones I'll feel most strongly are the raw, non special effects originals.


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