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A Film Review of Iron Man 2

Updated on September 8, 2022
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IRON MAN 2 Movie Review

Iron Man 2 Movie Review
Iron Man 2 Movie Review | Source

Iron Man 2 the movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark

IRON MAN 2 the movie

Available on dvd is the sequel to Iron Man the movie. That is Iron Man 2 the movie. This hub contains a review of Iron Man 2.

  • In the opening scenes of Iron Man 2 the movie, the main movie character, Tony Stark played by movie actor Robert Downey, Jr. admits to the public at the Stark expo that he is Iron Man.
  • Iron Man does not like to consider himself a superhero.
  • Nevertheless, Iron Man finds that he is a superhero in the eyes of society anyway.

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Media attention

Tony Stark's admitting to being Iron Man is followed by a barrage of photos taken of him by excited representatives of the media and introductions are also made to fans.

Iron Man 2 Movie Review


Tony Stark is served in Iron Man 2 the movie

Later, as he gets to his vehicle, Tony Stark is served a subpoena. He states then and at other times during the film, Iron Man 2 that he does not like to have things handed to him. He'd rather a person give an item to someone else or place it on a seat next to him and he could pick it up later.

Iron Man and Rhodey face off in Iron Man 2 the movie


The Iron Man suit

After being served the subpoena, Stark has to appear before a committee in Washington, DC at 9am the very next day. At his appearance, he successfully and boastfully provides defending arguments about the technology he owns, especially the Iron Man suit.

Tony Stark states that he does not work for the government and will not hand over his technology to the government even though the capabilities of the technology are being categorized as weapons.


Tony Stark is Iron Man

Stark notably states that he and the Iron Man suit are one and an entity can not claim one without the other and he is not for sale.

Stark is much of a loner when it comes to his work and his work ethic. He is driven but he wants to do everything on his own.

Tony Stark even feels threatened by offers of help from one of his own closest buddies, Rhodey who is in the military. In Iron Man 2, Don Cheadle gives a charismatic performance as Rhodey.


A Different Rhodey in Iron Man 2 the movie

There was much prior controversy because while recurring movie characters such as the movie character, Pepper Potts played by movie actress, Gwenyth Paltrow and the movie character, Tony Stark played by movie actor, Robert Downey, Jr. from the first Iron Man film remained the same, Rhodey was different in Iron Man 2 the movie.

In the second film, Iron Man 2, movie actor Don Cheadle replaced movie actor Terrence Howard from the first film, as the movie character Rhodey.

Terrence Howard had also been very likable in the role of character Rhodey, resonating as a true friend to the Iron Man movie main character and protagonist, Tony Stark aka Iron Man. We root for the protagonist's close friend as we do for the main protagonist in the movie.

Difficult to control

In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark, considered eccentric and difficult to control is seen as a threat instead of a superhero to some government officials.

In trying to get his friend to comply with government wishes and to become more aware of his out of control nature, Rhodey decides to go head to head with Tony Stark, even donning one of his suits without permission, confronting and fighting with Stark.

  • The night that it all occurs is the same night of Tony Stark's birthday party.
  • Tony Stark is dressed in his Iron Man suit and acting like a drunken fool.
  • Rhodey enters in a suit very similar to the Iron Man suit (silver/gray instead of red and gold) and clears the party out. In a menacing way, he demands that everyone leave and they scatter and run scared.
  • Rhodey tells Iron Man/Stark that he does not deserve to wear the suit and the two get into a physical fight just as brutal or even more brutal than the way known enemies would fight.
  • They both recover, later apologize and remain friends but not before Rhodey takes the suit he stole to the military to have it outfitted with weapons.

Hammer in Iron Man 2

The weapon supplier, Hammer is an antagonist in Iron Man 2 the movie, as he also wants to get his hands on Stark's technology. He even employs an ex-prisoner of a Siberian prison (played by Mickey Rourke) to work on copying the technology.

Hammer presents at the Stark Expo

Hammer, himself presents at the Stark expo claiming that soon human soldiers dying in battle will be a thing of the past. He unveils a military of robots/drones for various sectors - army, navy, air force...

We hear the claps of the audience attending the expo but the focus of the scene is on Pepper Potts, who sits in the audience obviously bewildered by the idea. She is accompanied by a new character played by Scarlett Johannson.

Tony Stark's heart in Iron Man 2 the movie

For much of the film Iron Man 2, Johannson's role is mysterious and cryptic. She is first introduced as the notary who handles the paperwork when Stark surprisingly promotes Pepper Potts to CEO of Stark Enterprises. Little does Potts know that Tony Stark does this because he thinks that he is dying.

Tony Stark's heart is powered by palladium (detailed in the first Iron Man film) and as stated in Iron Man 2, he is slowly and ironically being killed by the same thing that is keeping him alive.

It turns out that in Iron Man 2 the movie, Johannson's character is a tough fighter who is sent to be of assistance when it appears that Tony Stark is dying.

Tony Stark/ Iron Man must find a replacement for Palladium and fast!....

Rent this movie today to learn more.

Iron Man 2

I rate it 3 out of 5 stars *** (I enjoyed the first Iron Man movie more)

IRON MAN 2 the movie is Rated PG-13

124 minutes

IRON MAN 2 the movie is directed by Jon Favreau

Starring Robert Downey, Jr., Gwenyth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and more.

Iron Man 2 the movie

3 stars for Iron Man 2 movie

© 2010 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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