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Listen a love story

Updated on November 18, 2014

True Love

this is for true love
this is for true love | Source

How someone loves you very much

A boy who was loves a girl very much. They love each other like many times. Every time they meet and spend a beautiful time with each other. And it was long time gone. One day the boy was feeling bad. That girl was understand that he want to say something about him. But he cannot share his feeling.

Then the girl was asked him what happen. That boy was said if I ask you something you can say truth. Girl said just ask, I can do anything for you. Then the boy asks her, how much you love me. That girl was said I love you very much, but I can't explain. I can do anything for you and your love.

This time the boy said if you love me, then just one day stay away from me. These time the girl carrying and said I can do anything for you but I can't live without you. But if you want then I can also do this. After that days the girl was went that boy's house and she saw many people was crying there. At a time she saw her love was gone. He was death. That time the girl was shocked.


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