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A guide to making a great video montage

Updated on June 7, 2009

5 Tips for creating the perfect montage

People love to look at pictures, right?  When you create a video/photo montage and set it to music, it really livens up the pictures.  I create video montages for a living and wanted to pass on some key tips for creating a great montage.


Selecting an appropriate song(s) is key to creating a great montage!  Music, as everyone knows, really sets the mood in life.  Have you ever watched a horror movie and turned the volume down?  Well, when you do, the movie doesn't become as scary, but if you turn up the volume, you're instantly scared.  What about a sad movie?  When you come to the end of a movie and you know that something sad is going to happen, and you hear the touching music, it just makes the scenes that more powerful.  Well, the same thing goes for a video montage.

It's important to pick song(s) that fit the event you're creating the montage for.  If you're creating a montage of a wedding, you can use some classical music for the ceremony, a love song for the reception, a reflecting song for the recap and so on.  If you're creating a montage for the holidays, using festive songs really help set the mood.


Obviously, you're going to include pictures that showcase the event.  When selecting pictures, make sure that you have a wide variety.  This will keep the montage lively and keep the viewers waiting to see 'what's next.' It's also very important to ensure that the quality of your pictures/videos are good.  Using pictures that are unclear, far away/too close, not centered will make the montage not interesting and people won't want to watch it.


It's important to make sure that you're video has a beginning, middle and an end.  Just throwing pictures into a montage is okay, but creating a story will keep people intrigued and wanting more.  Use text at the beginning to let people know what your documenting and be sure to end the video by stating "The End" or "To be continued."  While it may seem unimportant, it really gives the montage a sense of completion.


There are so many transitions you can choose from, depending on the program you are using.  While you can certainly choose to not use any, transitions help keep the flow of the montage moving smoothly.  Who wants to watch a video with pictures jumping from one to the next?  Use them effectively and you're montage will be that much better!


A lot of people create montages and just throw pictures/videos together and include a song.  Technically, that is a montage, but to really make a montage stand out, it is important to edit it.  You want to make sure that pictures are displayed for a decent amount of time (average of at least 4 seconds) and that the song(s) you've chosen don't cut off.  Font selection, background/color scheme is important too.  While it may not seem as important, using a font that fits the event actually is.  If you're creating a wedding montage, using a soft, cursive/italicized font helps make the montage seem more classy.  Using a bold/block font to capture a sporting event makes it seem real.  

By considering the tips outlined here, and by using your creativity and the tools at your disposal, you will be creating video montages that people will want to watch over and over!  Good Luck and have fun!!


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      8 years ago

      Some good tips, do you have a link to your work?