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A Kurt Exit....stage left empty- A lament over Colbaine's loss

Updated on September 3, 2016
All that remains are remains.
All that remains are remains.

A Kurt Exit....Stage Left--Empty.-( A lament over Kurt Cobain's loss)

A Kurt Exit....
Stage Left--Empty.

Haunted wraith of flesh,
strait jacketed by six strings,
strung out over a few short years,
screaming for recognition,
recognized for screaming,
"hello, hello, hello, HELLO,
H E L L O !"
"o hell, o hell, o hell, o hell,
Oh hell!"

Blasted by amps,
amped till he was blasted,

" I will move away from here,"
feet first................without any fear.(c)

from my Seattle

my fatal
bungle.... a.....low..... note

in my brilliant career.

Would it have been
different if I hadn't been

so low....solo?

The music fading,
this time the guitarist broken,
after so many broken guitars,

While the masses wept in,
wailing echoes from
an empty moge pit

The Kurtain falls,
a white sheet,
over a recognizable form,
on a sunny mourn.

A Curt exit from a
Cold bane of existence,
set free at last,
floating like
a sixteenth note,

What more could
he have given,
besides his very life,
What would the pain
of his 30's 40's and fifties
have offered us.

The music world
smiles sadly
with a missing tooth,
a missing link
to the darker side,

His spirit trapped
forever in shiny Cd's
and vinyl jackets,
eternal circles beaming
a limbo of laments,
his cries for help
that no one ever
really heard,
until it was
far too late.

by-MFBIII- Art-whimsically Yours Studio.-(C)-2009


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    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 7 years ago from Minnesota

      I love how you woved his name into the prose. This is a very beautifully written poem. You really captured his sad and tortured life and the fact that he was crying out for help. I really liked his music. Thanks for the great hub:)