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A little something about my life

Updated on July 1, 2015
This is me, happy as always
This is me, happy as always
I think I am able to express myself in pictures
I think I am able to express myself in pictures

This is my family

I am the first born of the four lovely children my parents brought into this world and here is my story.

I was born to the most amazing parents in the world. They had me shortly after they were married, about a year after they had been married.

Initially, we didn't have the best of everything. Speaking in real terms, we were poor, very poor. Although I may not remember every detail of my childhood, I know that we weren't buoyant at all. My mum told me that they bought our first television when I was 3 years old and it was a great joy at that time.

My mum also told me that she never allowed me to go for other children's birthday parties because I didn't have the right clothes to wear as most of my clothes were torn, better put, ragged.

The funny thing about all this is that we were happy. I never remembered my parents fight over money or food. There was always food on the table and we were hardly ill. We didn't have the luxury of having cereal for breakfast or many choices to pick from. Most of our meals contained a lot of carbohydrates.

My mum told me that there were times when in a day, there wouldn't be money to get food and then, a visitor will come and they dash me some money. That money will then be used to buy food that we will all eat and be happy. We will dance, sing and thank God for the awesome provision. Yeah! What a life!

After a while, my mother was pregnant with by immediate younger brother, things got a little better. We moved into a bigger house and started eating better. My brother was born and there was much joy in my home. I am lucky to be born into a family where both my parents are jovial and funny characters. They always kept smiles on our faces. Maybe that's why I still laugh a lot today.

By the time my mum was pregnant with my younger sister, we were living big. Had a couple of nannies and had moved to a much bigger house. We could have cereal for breakfast, had the opportunity to decide what we had for lunch and could even have "brunch" before having dinner. It was so good that we could even afford to have "a midnight snack".

I didn't really eat cereal, I don't even eat cereal till date. Maybe because I wasn't used to that luxury and my body system can't just go with cereal any more.

My parents started having a hard time, maritally. At this time, my mum was already pregnant for my baby brother. And this was the first time in my life where I saw my mum sad and my dad angry. It was like a dream I wished to wake up from. It dragged and dragged. One problem after the other, one pain after the other till they finally separated.

Life outside my home

School work was not really bad because I had always loved reading. Anything that makes me read, makes me happy. I quickly made friends with my lectures and it was good for me because, they were able to call me to order when they felt I was dropping or lacking in seriousness.

Unlike most freshmen, I wasn't carried away with any of the social activities that were being organized in my school for freshmen or the general social activities of the school. In first semester, I made three great friends that were part of my study group. It was fun as we tried to beat each other's scores in class and it made us work harder and better. I made great grades and this made my mum proud of me and me, proud of myself.

When I came back for the second semester, a few things led to the other, my friends and I broke up. That was how I made my new friends, Ruki and Gloria. We were all and still are in the same department. They were so much fun, each in their own special way. They brought loads of smiles and fun memories to my life. Most of the time, we enjoyed teasing ourselves especially calling Gloria, and then, calling ourselves weird names like "Okoro", "Fish", "Rukus", "Glorinus". It was fun.

I have spent three years in school, about to start the fourth and final year. When I look back, I thank God for my life, for my family and for all the amazing people he placed in my life.

Another part of my life that was a burden to me and to my family was with me choosing the area in which I want to specialize in after completing college. Unlike most families, mine was patient with me. It was only recently I finally decided to what I want to specialize in.

My very good friend Ruki
My very good friend Ruki
And my amazing friend Gloria
And my amazing friend Gloria
Another great friend Buki and I
Another great friend Buki and I
My beautiful and talented friend, Beauty
My beautiful and talented friend, Beauty

In the end...

Right now, I am a happy person. I love writing, reading, singing, makeup, beautiful people, making friends, meeting people, travelling. I don't hold grudges, I don't hate people. I am just a very simple girl with a very simple life.

I didn't give all the details, maybe I will one day. But then it won't be in one hub, It will be a series. And then I will expect and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

I believe that life is about being happy. And I will be happy till I draw my last breath
I believe that life is about being happy. And I will be happy till I draw my last breath


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    • Akoria Ofega profile imageAUTHOR

      Akoria Ofega 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      Thank you very much Benny, it is really amazing and thrilling that you find my hubs interesting. I am also very flattered that you enjoy them. Thank you

    • Benny01 profile image

      Ijeoma Peter 

      3 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

      Akoria that's awesome, presently I must say your life is an interesting one. I enjoy reading your hub, thanks for sharing.

    • Akoria Ofega profile imageAUTHOR

      Akoria Ofega 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      Happy I met you too boo!

    • skotch profile image


      3 years ago from NIGERIA

      happy i met you.


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