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A look at : THE KOFFIN KATS - Born of the Motor - New Album

Updated on January 5, 2014

The Koffin Kats - Born of the Motor - Album Tracklist

All Of Me Is Gone
Under A Blue Sky
Giving Blood
Born Of The Motor
Devil Tales
The Collector
This Heart (Stays On Ice)
Twist Apart
The Team
Goodbye Blues
It’s Real
Gone To See The World
**Note - The tracklist on the actual CD of this album is out of order due to a misprint. THIS is the actual track listing and order of tracks.

Legacy of Psychobilly Brutality

Lightning has struck once again and The Koffin Kats are back at it with their latest incarnation of Detroit psychobilly. This go 'round the boys bring us a HUGE effort from them and a great success of an album with their latest release, "BORN OF THE MOTOR". The 8th release follows 2012's "Our Way & The Highway" perfectly in terms of sound and progression. I can see that 2014 will be the year to keep an eye on what is coming next from these "Doctor's of Sin" out of Hockeytown.

Koffin Kat History

The summer of 2003 birthed a new breed of band to the psychobilly scene nationwide. The Koffin Kats were formed in Detroit by VIC VICTOR (contrabass, vocals), TOMMY KOFFIN (guitar, vocals), and Eric Walls A.K.A. E-ball (Drums) and later that year the self titled album was released. Soon the band started a tradition of non-stop touring around America and beyond which they still do to this day. I am sure you can look them up and they will be playing near you soon! If you have the chance to see them live, then do it.

While touring the states and overseas an international fan base was starting to be written in stone. The hard work these guys put into music and bringing the fans great music and amazing shows is tremendous. During the times of 2003-2009, 3 albums were released along with countless tour dates played. In 2005 the album "Inhumane" was released and brought again, the sound of hard work and musicianship that could not be ignored by the fans in the scene across the globe.

The evil grew more and more in the world and so did the evil in the lyrics of the songs. Often times singing about anything evil, drugs, and the daily issues that arrive along the way the band connected with their fans on a lot of different levels through lyrics. When I hear certain songs, sometimes it feels like the lyrics for the song fit something I had went through in life at one time or another. Fans across the world felt the same way as I have evidently. To make it all of these years and still going as strong as year 1, that says a lot about any band. "Straying From the Pack" was released in 2006 amidst endless touring. Straying, brought a few new sounds into the groups arsenal. You can hear them grow as musicians over the years and they are sure to top each previous album.

When you hear a release and think, "Damn, it doesn't get much better than this." and you feel like you can not stop listening until the last note on the album echoes in the stereo, that happens with every release The Koffin Kats have gave to all of us. Two years later in 2008 they released "Drunk in the Daylight", which yet again gives us a new experience. Every song is fresh and has its own unique sound. I credit this album for relating with the "horror punk" scene more by introducing more horror related lyrics and just the overall sound. The production value of every album has been extraordinary from a startup psychobilly group from the Motor City.

The Koffin Kats got together one more time and worked on another new album. Tommy Koffin was not doing well from all the rigorous touring. "Forever for Hire" would stand to be his last album with the band before he retired from The Koffin Kats. As the album title states, forever for hire, is the way of the road for the guys. A love for music, a love for fun and adventure, and a passion to bring great music to the fans is what has driven The Koffin Kats all these years. Life on the road is night an easy life but can be very enjoyable if you do it right. Countless breakdowns, countless "bad" gigs, and millions of miles passed since 2003 and many more of all of the same will be on the way until the wheels fall off.

With Tommy Koffin gone from the band what was to happen next? After a meeting of the minds, Ian from 12 Step Rebels was to join the band in 2010. A split album was recorded that featured 5 original tracks and 1 cover song from each band. The Koffin Kats cover 12 Step Rebel's track, "The Ballad of Frankenstein's Monster", and 12 Step Rebels cover "Vampire's Curse" originally by The Koffin Kats. If you can find this album, I advise you to buy it. At the time of this release, the new lineup was together working on a new full length album.

"Our Way & The Highway" introduced Ian on guitar and backing vocals. This was the foundation of the new sound of the reformed group. I mean no offence to Tommy Koffin or Ian at all but both "era's" of the band have left us with two different, yet similar overall sounds. Both of which are amazing and fresh. This is fast paced, in your face, psychobilly at it's finest. This was the one album that I had lost touch on. I was regularly going to shows from 2003-2010 but something in my personal life caused me to lose touch on anything NEW coming out. Once I discovered this album, I fell in love all over again. Listening to this was like hearing "Inhumane" for the first time. They have done it once again! 2012 was a great year to give us a new Koffin Kats record and it paid off.

2013 is the year of the motor. "Born of the Motor" was released in October of 2013 and ever since I got my copy of it, the CD has not left the player. Literally. You can not listen to the new album without just giving all of your time to the entire album. EVERY songs on this album has a unique sound and is a hit! This album set some high standards for my ears!



Keep an eye out on their official website for all their up to the minute news and tour announcements. You can also have a chance to buy merchandise from them directly. Hope you all enjoy listening to THE KOFFIN KATS and I hope that you can get a chance to see them live somewhere near you soon! Thank you!

THE KOFFIN KATS - Fort Smith, Arkansas - Nov. 22nd 2013 (Source: River Valley 360)

2014 LIVE SHOWS : (Updated Regularly)

January 24th - Frankie's Inner City - Toledo, Ohio

January 25th - The Royal Oaks - Youngstown, Ohio

January 26th - Howler's Coyote Cafe - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

January 28th - Foster's Main St. Tavern - Beckley, West Virginia

January 29th - Sweet's - Winchester, Virginia

January 30th - Mojo - Newark, Delaware

January 31st - Sidebar - Baltimore, Maryland

February 1st - Wonderland - Richmond, Virginia

February 4th - The Rock Shop - Fayetteville, North Carolina

February 5th - The Maywood - Raleigh, North Carolina

February 7th - Charlotte, North Carolina

February 9th - Mecca Lounge - Johnson City, Tennessee

February 11th - The Nicks - Birmingham, Alabama

February 12th - New Daisy Theater - Memphis, Tennessee

February 13th - Cowboy Monkey - Champaign, Illinois

February 15th - Louie's Trophy House Grill - Kalamazoo, Michigan

February 21st - Woodruff's (VIC'S Birthday Bash) - Ypsilanti, Michigan


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