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A Lovely Japanese Movie

Updated on July 4, 2017

Spoiler alert

It includes few spoilers.

Tsuugaku Series Tsuugaku Tochu

English: Communting to school seires.  On the way to school
English: Communting to school seires. On the way to school | Source

What is it about?

Yuki is an introvert high school girl. Her parents have money due that her family is owner of a hospital; she has good grades, study really hard after school so she can enter to a good University and take charge of hospital in the future; also, Yuki always obeys and respect her family, specially her mother. She never gets in any trouble. However, she likes to paint, but she considers that she is not good as Kou, he assists in the same painting club as her. He is handsome, but Yuki is not interested in him, she likes someone else, Kyosuke. He works in a grocery store and he is nice to her, she wants to tell her feelings for him, unfortunately, he already has a girlfriend, Yuka, a pretty girl with great hairstyle and pink cheeks. Now she won´t be able to confess her feelings, but Haru, Kyosuke´s friend and fellow worker tells her that she musn´t give up and if she needs anything she could call him by phone.

One day, Yuki saw Kou in the street. He dropped a painting brush when he was walking toward a house and followed him to return it to him. That House seemed abandoned, but she entered. Everything was completely dark, Yuki felt a bit scared and screamed when kou surprised her. Once he turned up the light, and she saw him, Kou took her hand and lead her upstairs. They entered to a room, where Yuki admired his new artwork. In one of the walls, Kou was painting a starry night. He was living there since his parents got divorced, but he was going to change of school in two months. From that day on, she went every day to accompany his new friend.

Everything was getting better in Yuki´s life until she received a phone call. She answered thinking it was Haru, but it was actually Kyosuke telling her that Haru was very ill. She got that Haru stayed at her family´s hospital. Unfortunately, he was in a coma. Things were difficult now: her unrequited love, her family´s expectations and now Haru. The only place where she felt peace was in Kou´s painting room. As time passed, Kou started to recognize what he felt for Yuki, but she just looked at him as a friend.

Haru woke up from the coma, that made all his friends happy and Yuki after receiving an unexpected kiss from Kou, decided that she needed to confess to Kyosuke, and she did, but his girlfriend, Yuka, heard them and got really mad at her. Yuki stopped talking to Kou and she spent more time with Haru. One night that she was with him Yuka appeared and took her to a gang, who wanted to hurt her, lukily Kou saved her, however he got his hand injured.

Yuka felt terrible about what she caused and went to apologize with Kou, who ignored her, and to Yuki, who accepted her apology and became friends with her. She even helped her get back with Kyosuke, who broke up with her due of what happened with Kou. Time flew. Yuki painted in Kou´s wall, since he couldn´t do it. Finally they finished the artwork and Kou transferred to another school without saying anything.

Yuki started to miss Kou but she didn´t have the courage to talk to him or to go to see him until she looked at Kou´s present. Would that make her realize what she feels for him?

About the movie

  • Name in Japanese: Tsuugaku Series Tsuugaku Tochu
  • Name in English: Communting to school seires. On the way to school
  • Genre: School Romance
  • Director: Kôji Kawano
  • Yudai Chiba, Airi Matsui

MV (I do not take credit for it)

It deserves:

4 stars for the whole film

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