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A Nerd who becomes a Cool Boy: The New Guy's Film Review

Updated on September 20, 2016
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The New Guy - Movie Poster
The New Guy - Movie Poster

The Classic Geek Boy

The New Guy is a 2002 teen movie produced by Ed Decter. It tells the story of Dizzy Harrison, an ugly and nerdy boy who is constantly victim of bullies at school. This is apparently the perfect stereotype of geek boy who is hated by his schoolmates. However in this case the guy is not going to accept insults and keeping to be a nerd: instead, he wants to change, in order to become a cool boy, so that he can be accepted by everyone and also by girls. However it does this in the wrong way, by becoming a completely different guy: he even acts as a bully himself, so that he achieves to get expelled from the school. The same thing done by Felix in Expelled Movie, even if Dizzy is a geek and he does this in order to start changing, while Cameron Dallas' character is already a cool boy, and achieves to get expelled only as a consequence of his pranks.

Dizzy & Danielle are kissing...
Dizzy & Danielle are kissing...
... while Dizzy's bullies are humiliated. This is the last part of the movie.
... while Dizzy's bullies are humiliated. This is the last part of the movie.

Dizzy and the Experience in Prison

Dizzy not only becomes a bully: he even achieves to be arrested by Police. While in prison, he starts to know Luther, who is going to teach Dizzy how to be less goofy and how to be respected by other guys. We can say it is a perfect representation of "Popular" song by Wicked in a movie: someone who is cool is going to teach a geek boy how to become cool himself. After Dizzy gets out of jail, he is a completely different guy: he not only changes his hairstyle, but he even completely take a different behaviour. He starts to go to a new school, where he rapidly starts to be respected by everyone, especially by Danielle, a cool cheerleader. He is going to be a better guy, however not all things he does are good: in fact, as a part of his changes, he completely ignores his old geek friends. In addition, after Dizzy wins against his old school football team, his old bullies are going to take revenge on himself, so that they show to the entire school a video about Dizzy, when he was still a nerd guy. However Luther just arrives in time in order to save Dizzy, while Danielle also admits she was a nerd girl in the past, so that she is ready to forgive Dizzy for having been a liar. Dizzy, by impressing Danielle, is able to confirm his new reputation and the old bullies have to give up: their old nerdy victim is now a cool kid in a new school.

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A Perfect Transformation, But...

Dizzy's transformation is very good, as he effectively becomes a better guy. However, as said before he has done a big error: ignoring his old friends, because they were still geeky. Luckily at the end of the movie the protagonist reconciliate himself with them, so that he can be a cool guy while maintaining his old friendships. Maybe getting arrested is also another exaggeration Dizzy could avoid: at the end, in order to become a cool guy you just have to change hairstyle, clothes, be trendy and be less goofy... getting arrested is maybe excessive, however that's Dizzy's decision, and we can say his improvements are all suggested by Luther: this last character has a big experience and decides to use it in order to teach Dizzy all the secrets to become popular. We can say the new Dizzy is maybe only a consequence of Luther's advices.

Author's Rating

4 stars for The New Guy

I disagree with bad reviews you can sometimes read about ths movie, because I think it is a good work: it has a happy ending and it shows everyone can become a cool guy. Maybe the only error made when writing the plot is putting so much importance in Dizzy's jail experience, as, just like said before, being arrested is not usually something used to become cool. Anyway, this movie has a very linear and nice plot and I suggest you to watch it. I think the ending is the best and also the nicest part, as it shows love between Dizzy and Danielle and, at the same time, we can see Dizzy's bullies completely punished and humiliated.

© 2016 Alessio Ganci


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