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A new social era?

Updated on April 13, 2010

Noesis Chat

All chats are different
All chats are different

How do you keep your kids safe online?

Safety online is a growing concern. Chat safety is even more important.

With the likes of Yahoo and Msn closing their chats sites down, chat sites in general have become rather taboo. This said, there is at least one who has taken the bull by the horns and is still determined to grow, but with safety of children as their priority.

You may ask which? The Noesis Chat.

Sitting on the domain, it caters to 9 different languages and, from what I've seen, often has hundreds of people online at any given time. Themed as a boat, it has many rooms for varying age groups with limits, "bots" (a cyber person who you can chat to) and chatters together with chat quests which are cool to do with some fun rewards for achieving them.

Don't get me wrong, I love chatting to my friends on msn or facebook, but when it comes to meeting new people, I love the Noesis Chat! They have a family friendly ethos which means that when I log on, I'm not seeing everyone swearing around me, and those there are normally there to simply talk and make new friends. Those who are there for "other" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) reasons are either swiftly dealt with by Navigators (a type of online moderator), or if these suggestions take place in private, a simple "ignore" feature is never too far away.

For children, as well as a link on the front page to their white paper on "Tips for Parents and Carers" they also have many special features with the aim to help children adjust to the world of cyber chatting. Chatroom safety is a priority for them. Under 18's will see a big red alarm button to call for help where they have "Navigators" who are there to help no matter the circumstances. Private messages are automatically defaulted to the off position so that no child could receive an unsolicited message from someone they shouldn't and a cryptolog system which monitors the chat online for predators.

One should never be too careful when chatting online and a really good book I've seen is called "Cyber-safe Kids, Cyber-savvy Teans." I honestly don't think that any child should go online without first reading this book. I can't recommend it highly enough. In case you would like to purchase it, I've put the amazon link below, however once it's been read, do make your way to the Noesis Chat - You'll have a great time!


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