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A not so fond look back...

Updated on July 5, 2012

Quinten Tarintino's name is somewhere on this?


Natural Born Killers

I changed a lot since I was fifteen. My teenage years is a compilation of not great memories, and little joy. It all seems like such a blur now, but thinking back I knew the reason why my mind was such a dark place: getting my art from crap. Most of the music I moshed and headbanged to; all mostly crap to now standards. Notice how the 90's isn't a decade well remembered. All these horrid memories and I didn't even do drugs.

Oliver Stone is a legendary director of film who deserves his spot at the top. From Platoon to JFK we've been blessed by his art and he will soon be releasing the drug action drama Savages to theaters. Let us be reminded that for every solid portfolio there is always filler that no one is ever proud of, or at least shouldn't be so quick to put on their resumes. Something comes along in an artists profile to remind you that you still have yet to weed out all the crap. Let me introduce you all to the worst thing to crawl out of Woody Harrelson's stash baggie of acted characters: Mikey Knox.

The character of Mickey is solid. We see what happens to someone after a lifetime of parental abuse, but at first impressions he is just evil for no apparent reason. Repeated viewings of NBK will give you more and more insight, but most sane people rarely make it through the first viewing of this Oliver Stone opus. But at 15, I wasn't very sane.

The film's plot (no matter how thin it is, its a plot I guess) is the story of a modern day Bonnie and Clyde- Mickey and Mallory (played by Juliette Lewis) are on a 50 man murder rampage to rid the world of anyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths when suddenly the good times end. The two antagonizing protagonists are slowed down and eventually cut short in the adventure when marital troubles get in the way as well as being arrested.

In the background, the rest of the world is making them into super-stars the likes we've never seen since Charles Manson. Robert Downey Jr. plays a John Walsh meets Crocodile Hunter reporter named Wayne Gayle, who has been spinning the story of M&M Knox in an effort to make serial killers into rock stars whilst raking in ratings and money. Sounds great so far.

Oliver Stone must have been... well, stoned as this movie was being made. The filming, editing, camera work, and cinematography is a complete mess. The screen explodes constantly from one color to the next, one grain to the last, one angle to another as if the crew all were arguing over what looks best. In a theater format you might be thinking your watching the film on acid slipped into your popcorn by the concession staff. Alas this wasn't the case- the film is really that screwed up!

This creation and its story originated from Quentin Tarantino, who reportedly was NOT pleased with the finished product. This film is mentioned on many lists but rarely are the reviews positive. While browsing the aisles of a local video store in 2004, I was dumb enough to rent the Directors Cut but (now) smart enough to not make it through the entire 2 hours and enjoyed the bonus features a little more than the actual film. A note to directors: never make a film for people on drugs, you might drive them to start taking them.

Mickey and Malory in the best scene of this film. and thats all...


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    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 5 years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

      I'm glad to learn I don't need to regret missing that movie.