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A polite Bassethound

Updated on February 1, 2010

It is possible that I am a product of the late sixties early seventies, but I will not stand for bad manners. I don't expect people to act like a gentile southerner with a large white panama hat calling all women Miss and bending down and kissing their hand I just expect basic manners. Holding a door open for a man or a women, saying yes sir or mam when addressing someone and speaking to the elderly. It isn't hard to follow the golden rule do unto others or treat people like you want to be treated. I know that my memories of youth are just amalgams of what really happened but I am sure I would have got my ears boxed had I not acted with good manners. It seems that once a person turns nine they begin to walk around all sullen and moody. Even if they are not acting like a vampire which is real popular, they act as though you are a inconvenience to them. According to AARP once I turned 54 I became a senor citizen and this could account for my feelings. The bright spot is my dog Wacker. We live in a house that has a Cocker Spaniel ( Butter) who is about three years older than Wacker and a mixed West Highland (Holley) who is fourteen blind and deaf with many joint problems. Holley likes to be around people so she will climb the stairs in the evening to be by the bedroom. Going down is another problem. Most times she does it slowly but some times just like me it must hurt. Picking her up and carrying her only makes it worse. Wacker on the other hand will stand in front of her and face her on the stairs. He will bark quietly and move down the stairs as she proceeds. Once at the bottom he goes off. When they are in the back yard he will not come in till she comes in. When I open the door he runs to her and bumps his nose on her rear legs to get her to turn around. He continues this till she is inside. Maybe it is the fact that he is a product of England all prim and proper or maybe he just has watched me. We talked about this last night while we watched Katie Couric as I brushed him. I swear he turned to me and said" I owe it all to you old boy." as he bounded off his perch to lie down. I swelled up like a proud parent.


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