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A review of the 6th album called "Bones and Cores" by Finnish thrash metal band Mokoma

Updated on December 21, 2017

The album cover for Mokoma's 6th album

The cover artwork for Mokoma's 6th album has a mostly orange color and it is very uninspiring. However, the songs are of high quality!
The cover artwork for Mokoma's 6th album has a mostly orange color and it is very uninspiring. However, the songs are of high quality!

Some background information about the album

For those of you that enjoyed the reviews of the albums Swamplord and They Will Return by the band Kalmah, you are sure to find this next one interesting as well. Finnish heavy metal veterans Mokoma have been playing heavy, groovy, and aggressive thrash metal in their home country of Finland since 1996. Their 6th album called Luihin ja Ytiimin or Bones and Cores in English was released in 2007 and is another one of my favorites. If you love music and want to expand your horizons and test your patience for music that is from a foreign country, Mokoma is a good choice. However, for the sake of readability, I am including all of the song titles in English. When I hear these guys play, I don’t even want to listen to Pantera or average thrash bands such as Mental Care Foundation.

Track listing for the album

  1. Sina Riitat (you are enough) this one is easily the best song in the whole album.
  2. Defeat the Man
  3. Blood Brothers
  4. Better than Before
  5. Third Degree Interrogation
  6. Saw-edge
  7. Cover My Back
  8. One with the Horns
  9. Marras (November)
  10. Abomination
  11. Shapeshift
  12. Shoot, Shovel, and Fall Silent

A Review of the album: Part 1

The album has a groovy kind of thrash feel to it and it is described as not being influenced by death metal as their previous album was. The album opens up with a strong song called Sina Riitat which translated means you are enough. The drumming is very solid by Janne Hyrkas and the guitars are really heavy. I like to sing along with this one and I especially love vocalist Marko Annala’s vocal growls as I think he really has the proper feeling unlike Jeff Walker of the band Carcass who just has this raspy voice but no real feeling or passion.

Album Review: Part 2

The 8th song in the album which is called Sarvipaa in Finnish begins with fast guitar picking and Marko lets out a sort of tough shout similar to what Annihilator guitarist Jeff Waters would do when he would do the vocals. Marras (November) is a nice mid-paced song that is a break from all of the fast and heavy songs that the band usually plays and this song is also one of my favorite ones. November is also the month in which people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving and eat lots of good food. I am thankful for a band like Mokoma because these guys make me appreciate music and I can get into that state in which author Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi describes as flow. Flow is not the same as happiness though. The next song called Abomination in English starts out with a long vocal growl and fast drumming before showing itself as a melodic type of song and then changing back into the form that it started with at the beginning.

Why is the album so great?

Luihin ya Ytimiin is an album that is a step up from their 2003 album Kurimus. They should continue in this style because their execution of thrash metal is very good. Mokoma have released three more albums after this, the last two being Sydanjuuret in 2009, Varjopuoli (drawback) in 2011, and their latest to date which is called 180 astetta or 180 degrees in English. Mokoma is an excellent band that is largely unnoticed outside of Finland but for thrash metal fans, these guys should excite you and please you enough to give their CD’s a regular listen for sure.

The song called Sina Riitat (You Are Enough)

The music video for the song called Marras (November)


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