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A review of the album called "The Jester Race" by Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames

Updated on November 19, 2017
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The Jester Race: album cover

The album cover has a huge fortress in the background as the sun is setting.
The album cover has a huge fortress in the background as the sun is setting. | Source

Album details: release date and who played on the album

Date of release: February 20, 1996

Label that it was signed to: Nuclear Blast

Band lineup for the album:

Anders Friden: all vocals

Jesper Stromblad: rhythm, acoustic, lead guitars and keyboards

Glenn Ljungstrom: guitars

Johan Larsson: bass guitars

Bjorn Gelotte: drums

Track Listing for the album The Jester Race

  1. Moonshield
  2. The Jester’s Dance
  3. Artifacts of the Black Rain
  4. Graveland
  5. Lord Hypnos
  6. Dead Eternity
  7. The Jester Race
  8. December Flower
  9. Wayfaerer
  10. Dead God in Me

The Jester Race is an example of a Gothenburg style album that has the classic song Moonshield

Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames has had a career spanning over 25 years and they have excelled at the style of melodic death metal. Their 1996 album "The Jester Race" is an example of a very fine album. This is the first album to feature Anders Friden as the vocalist. This is also the first album to have Bjorn Gelotte playing the drums. This album is memorable for me because this is the first In Flames album that I ever heard. He would switch to guitar at the end of the decade. The Jester Race is also considered to be a classic album of the Gothenburg style of metal. The album’s lyrical concepts tend to deal with warfare, death, and questions about why we exist as a human race. The Jester Race certainly deserves consideration for being one of the elite metal albums. Anders Friden’s rough vocal growls, the lead guitar sections, and acoustic sections all fit together beautifully to create an outstanding album. The Jester’s Dance is the album’s first instrumental song and it starts out with the acoustic guitar I mentioned. But Moonshield is one of the best opening songs of any album. It starts with beautifully written acoustic guitar. Then Anders Friden’s voice kicks in providing a wonderful contrast. Then the song switches to a beautiful acoustic part for a while again.

The Jester Race: album review part 2

Graveland is a song about what the horrors of war can do to the human race. Peace, love, and kindness is what we need in this world. The song Dead Eternity has an excellent guitar playing section in the middle of the song that is catchy, groovy, and very well written. This song was also on the EP called Subterranean. The song called The Jester Race again features the beautiful use of acoustic guitars by In Flames. Wayfaerer is the second instrumental song of the album and it is excellent! Overall, The Jester Race has all the elements needed to create a solid album. If you are wondering which songs in the album are the strongest, well that’s pretty much all of them!

The song called Moonshield

Album Rating and what would happen after the release of this

The Jester Race gets a 99 points out of 100 by this writer and it is one of the band’s finest works ever! I highly recommend this album for all fans of the melodic death metal genre. Following the release of this album, the band would only get better, releasing more quality albums such as Colony and Clayman. Following this great album, In Flames would release the album called Whoracle which has the great song Jotun. That song would be played on one of the band’s tours in Japan.

Favorite song on The Jester Race

What is your favorite song on the album The Jester Race?

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The song called Dead Eternity (1996 version)

The song called The Jester Race


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