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Tanja Lainio the Beautiful Former Front Woman and Vocalist for the Band Lullacry

Updated on September 23, 2018
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Tanja Lainio who was with Lullacry from 2002 until 2014


Why is Tanja Lainio such a great singer?

Now it is time to introduce the woman that was behind the microphone for Lullacry from 2002 until their disbandment in 2014. This article will also cover a review of Lullacry's 2005 album called Vol. 4 and the role that Tanja played on it.

Tanja Lainio is a name that many people including heavy metal fans may not know about. This Finnish beauty had been the lead vocalist for the Finnish heavy rock band Lullacry. She joined the band in 2002 after the departure of then vocalist Tanya Kemppainen due to musical differences. I had the chance to chat with her on a few occasions in the band’s message board and I am honored to have gotten a reply from someone I really respect. The band was in the process of redesigning their website at the time that I first wrote this.

I can notice that Tanja really puts her energy and effort into singing. She doesn’t strain to get the voice out and she has such passion in her voice. It is a real shame that Lullacry are not more recognized in the hard rock and heavy metal community. In addition to her awesome voice, Tanja is also really cute.

Track Listing for the album Vol. 4

  1. Perfect Tonight
  2. Love, Lust, Desire
  3. Fire Within
  4. Stranger in You
  5. Heart Shaped Scars
  6. Soul in Half
  7. Killing Time
  8. I Want You
  9. King of Pain
  10. Zero


The album Vol. 4: the first half is memorable because of the song Stranger in You

Finnish heavy rock band Lullacry entered the studio following their classic 2003 album called Crucify My Heart and the result is yet another terrific album by them called Vol. 4 (short for Volume 4). It came out in 2005 which is now 10 years ago. Vocalist Tanja Lainio had joined the band in 2002 and once again she shows that she really belonged in the band. The album starts with the heavy, pounding song called Perfect Tonight. There was a song called Alright Tonight on the previous album and there was also a single released for that song. But this one (Perfect Tonight) is about a couple that are perfect for each other. The nights are spent together and they have the time of their lives. Love, Lust, Desire has loud bass guitar play. It is about someone that forgives their partner for their transgressions and mistakes. They feel that they cannot get by without their partner and they still love them, wanting to be with them. As you can see, love is a topic that is really covered on the album. Stranger in You is a single that was released for this album and it is one of the best songs in the band’s history for sure. I have always absolutely loved this one for the guitar work and Tanja’s amazing, soothing voice. Heart Shaped Scars is a love ballad which is also really good. I know that Cristina Scabbia of the band Lacuna Coil has a great, powerful vocal range but Tanja Lanio deserves consideration as well. What follows here is not only a review of 2005's Vol. 4 and the role that Tanja plays in the album.

Tanja Lainio at the Tuska Festival in Finland (2003)

Tanja Lainio Facts and Trivia

  • Tanja Lainio was born on July 5th. The year of her birth is not known though.
  • Her favorite Lullacry songs are The Autumn, Soul in Half and Killing Time. Tanja Lainio says that her favorite songs do change all the time.
  • When she was asked what band she would like to open up for, Tanja mentioned the band KISS. The best concert that she has ever seen is Motley Crue in the summer of 2005 in Helsinki. The best Lullacry concert the band has ever had according to Tanja is in Seattle, Washington on September 5th, 2004.
  • Tanja’s favorite foods are Chinese, Mexican and other Finnish food that is not so typical.
  • Her favorite movies include Matrix Trilogy, Star Wars, James Bond movies, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean and all Tarantino movies.
  • Her favorite drinks are water, milk, red wine, cider and other sodas.
  • Tanja loves to sleep and she gets disappointed if she is not able to sleep when she is touring.
  • Tanja Lainio also says that she loves to dance.

The song called Perfect Tonight

A Few More Photos of the Beautiful Tanja Lainio

The second half of the album Vol. 4 proves how great Lullacry were as a band

The second half of the album is no less impressive beginning with the atmospheric song called Soul in Half. The song is basically about a person that has been hurt and torn apart by a very destructive relationship. She feels as if her soul has been torn in half. Tanja adds some chanting type of vocals in the song to make it interesting. After the very heavy song Killing Time comes the song called I Want You. It is about someone that feels she ran away from her lover. Every day for her is dark and terrible. She really misses him so much that she wants his love more than ever. She wants to start over and be reunited with him. In life, there is always a second chance for most things if we really believe in ourselves. The song King of Pain is another great rock song. The song has both heavy and soft parts as the song is about a person that causes nothing but grief and pain for the world.

The awesome song called Stranger in You

The song called Heart Shaped Scars

Final Thoughts About Vol. 4, Tanja Lainio, and Lullacry

The album Vol. 4 overall is another excellent release from this heavy rock band and there is really nothing bad to say about it. It is produced by famous Finnish producer Anssi Kippo. Finland is a country that is full of talent in the rock and metal genre and Lullacry were one of the best bands to come out of this small northern European nation. Lullacry knows how to write high quality songs album after album and they have been really consistent! Fans of female fronted bands will love this release for sure. They had a stretch of four very quality albums released from 1999 through 2005 and they will probably always be my favorite female fronted rock group. Or will they? There are so many good female fronted rock groups that it is hard to choose one favorite.

Rate Lullacry's album Vol. 4

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Lullacry Vol. 4

The song called Soul in Half

© 2016 Ara Vahanian


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