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A review of the first Foo Fighters album called "Foo Fighters" featuring the voice of Dave Grohl

Updated on January 14, 2018

Foo Fighters: the front album cover

Track listing for Foo Fighters (the album)

  1. This is a Call
  2. I’ll Stick Around
  3. Big Me
  4. Alone + Easy Target
  5. Good Grief
  6. Floaty
  7. Weenie Beenie
  8. Oh, George
  9. For All the Cows
  10. X-Static
  11. Wattershed
  12. Exhausted

Foo Fighters: who started it and how was the band formed?

Foo Fighters is the band formed by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl following the suicide death of Kurt Cobain. The first album of the same name is a pretty solid effort by this alternative and hard rock band. This was initially Dave Grohl’s side project in the early days. I remember hearing this album because a friend told me about it back in 1995. And since I was really into this type of music at the time, I found this album to be quite enjoyable. Albums like this remind me of my teenage years. I had some really fun moments in those days but it was challenging as well. Certain types of music and bands allow us to take a step back in time and enjoy albums that were written many years ago. When you have the urge to write about another album review and express your creative talents that is a great thing.

This was not going to be a song by song review initially but rather an opportunity to show that even in the genre of alternative rock, there are solid albums as well. I have heard the next album after this one called The Colour and the Shape released in 1997 and it is an improvement over this debut. However, my motivations have changed so let’s discuss Dave Grohl and the great band Foo Fighters!

The signifcance of the song Big Me and the album itself

Big Me is one of the singles on the album and the only really soft song on the album. Dave Grohl was depressed around this time and he even considered exiting the music business altogether in spite of an invitation by Danzig to become their next drummer. I am glad that he chose to stick around and continue playing instruments and singing. He does a good job with the vocals, better than Kurt ever sang. Dave does not try to strain his voice and he just has that more natural sound. Foo Fighters was released on July 4, 1995 also the birthday of the United States. We have to consider also the time period in which the album was released. Grunge rock was getting really popular and this was a great start to the band’s career.

A Photo of Dave Grohl Founder of the Band Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl formed Foo Fighters after the death of Nirvana guitarist Kurt Cobain and we should be grateful that he did.
Dave Grohl formed Foo Fighters after the death of Nirvana guitarist Kurt Cobain and we should be grateful that he did. | Source

Foo Fighters: how good of an album is it?

The first sub-par moment in the album is the heavy, distorted song called Weenie Beenie. It has some strange vocals by Dave Grohl as he is really shouting and it is tough to understand the vocals in much the same way that the song Tourette’s on the album In Utero was. The strongest song in the album is the one called Wattershed which is a fast, heavy punk rock song which I have loved since I heard it for the first time. The album did pretty well in the US debuting at #23 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Exhausted starts off with some dirty guitar tone. The strong songs in this album are many, including the opener This is a Call, I’ll Stick Around, Oh, George, Alone + Easy Target and the classic punk rocker song Wattershed. This self-titled debut gets a score of 80 out of 100 points, making it very good but not the band’s best.

Foo Fighters: the Album's Pros or Good Points

What are the pros of this first album other than the good songs previously mentioned? One of the obvious pros is the heavy rock song This is a Call. Even if the lyrics don’t quite make total sense, it showed that this band was determined to get off to a good start! This is a call to all fans of grunge rock. Get ready to have some fun especially if this is the first time you’ve heard of this band. I’ll Stick Around is a good song about someone that saw everything in his insane and abusive relationship and he will stick around even though he does not owe his ex a thing. Sometimes we are better off alone than being in a relationship with someone that spreads toxicity. Floaty is a song about people that float and then come back down.

The official music video for the song Big Me

The Song called Oh George

The song called Wattershed (the bet song in the album)

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