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Son of the Mask

Updated on February 7, 2013

A sequel that never should've happened

The Mask makes his return to the big screen but without the comedic flare of the "Tex Avery" style comedy of the prequel. Speaking of the name Avery, the film's main character is named Tim Avery (James Kennedy), a struggling cartoonist that basically has low self-esteem and has his own doubts about entering fatherhood. I'm sure entering parenthood can be a frightful experience for everyone with the responsibility and all (I wouldn't know though), but it can be especially harder when your son has almost "cartoon-god" like powers. Tim Avery one night finds the Mask, that Stanley Ipkiss used in the first one, to wear for a big costume party where he meets up with a girl, and sleeps with her. After they get married and conceive their first child, the child doesn't acknowledge or respect Tim as a father, so this causes all sorts of mischief. Milo, Tim's dog, grows extremely jealous of the baby as he steals Tim's attention, so he uses the Mask to try to get rid of the kid but what happens is somewhat similar to a "Tom and Jerry cartoon style" slugfest between the two. Meanwhile, Norse god, Odin, gets mad at his son, Loke (Alan Cumming), for losing the Mask that contained his powers, so he orders him retrieve it. However, once he discovers the baby's powers, he has his dad give him back his powers so he can take the Mask and the baby back to Asgard. However, Tim and his wife along with their dog, Milo, are the only ones that can save the kid. First of all, I never liked Jamie Kennedy as an actor, and this film did little to change my opinion. As for Alan Cumming, I know many people have high opinions of him from "X-Men 2" even though he was hardly in that film and had only few lines that didn't involve the words, "I'm the fabulous Night Crawler." With that being said, I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for him to be in this film either. Both actors' performances come off as extremely cheesy, whiny and in some cases just plain annoying. New Line tries to give viewers the same cartoon style comedy of the first film while they try to make people learn a lesson in the end about parenthood. Which is fine, but it takes away from what the original was. The first film was cheesy and cartoony, but it was fun to watch. "The Mask" didn't try to make you learn some moral @@$% at the end, but it was made to make you laugh. The humor in the sequel only has about two scenes worth laughing at, but it turns into one big yawn as the movie continues.

The special effects in this film was inconsistent at best. At times, seemingly using the same effects, from the previous film, that quite frankly isn't that impressive the second time around.

As for the James Kennedy, his character just comes off a whiny loser that you just want to smack the living #@^& out of. No wonder, the baby didn't respect him throughout most of the film. Sure, Jim Carrey's character, Stanley Ipkiss, was a wimp as well in "The Mask", but he was an average guy you could relate to. He went through common problems like putting up with landlords, a crude boss, and not being able to get with a girl. However, when he became "The Mask", it became like a metaphor for him being the man that he's always wanted to be. Confident and more outgoing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that nobody can relate to parenthood. However, James' character, Tim Avery, comes off as just a whiner and a baby. I know he's supposed to have low self-esteem and nervous about fatherhood, but I seriously doubt most "first-time" parents are as whiny and incompetent as this guy. It was like watching Christen Haysden in "Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones" as we're supposed to try to relate to someone that cries and whines all the time. And when Jamie put on the Mask, it got even worse. Not only was he not funny when wearing the Mask, he came off rather cheesy and stiff speaking like some cartoon super hero. James limits as an actor really shows in comparison.

Cumming's performance wasn't that great either. As him and Jamie both come off as whiners in this one. However, once Cummings' character, Loke, got his powers back, he just became annoying like some Jim Carrey impersonator.

However, the films only bright spots are when the viewers see the animated slugfest between the dog and the baby. They were histarical and funny. Unfortunately, I don't know if those few scenes would make this worth even watching on T.V.

Indeed, this film is just a huge letdown. No wonder Jim didn't want to be involved in this &^#@.


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