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A terrifying love

Updated on August 8, 2017

A bit about the film

  • Name: Chilling Romance or Spellbound
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Horror, romance
  • Director: Hwang In-Ho
  • Cast: Son Ye Jin (Yeo Ri) and Lee Min Ki (Jo Goo)

Son Ye Jin ( Yeo Ri)
Son Ye Jin ( Yeo Ri) | Source

What is it about?

Jo Goo is a magician that appears doing common tricks in the street. One night, when he was making a performance he saw a melancholic and mystrerious woman among the crowd. When she left, after he finished the show, Jo Goo followed her. She walked into a dark alley and he saw that unexpectedly a door opened, at that moment he had an idea that will make him become a famous Magician.

On the stage of a theater, Jo Goo is in front of a Closet which is moving by itself and makes noises...finally it opens, from inside a strange figure emerges in .Jo Goo asks who to this entity who o r what is it, but a voice comes from that terrifying creature and tells him that he was assassinated. By who? the magician asks, and it points to a woman who is in the public, in that moment she runs and the entity follows her and covers her with the cape it is wearing. The lights go off and when they turn up again, the girl who ran is floating and then disappears. To find her, the magician uses his cloak and gives theatricality to their act with words. Another successful show...

Behind the scenes, who acts as the strange entity is Yeo Ri, the girl the magician met at his street show and who gave him the idea of that magnificent act. She is not sociable lat all, she barely speaks to her coworkers and her boss, Jo Goo. She lives by herself in a big House and she seldom leaves it. Her mother and sister live far away from there, in Norway. They keep in touch by phone, but for years her family haven´t seen each other due to her strange "gift". There is a reason why she sleeps in her living-room inside a tent: she can see and talk to the dead. This hardly anyone knows it, that has turned her into a solitary and reserved person.

Her boss, tired that she doesn´t socialize with the rest of the staff, forces her to go with them for dinner. At the beginning all went well, until she decided to drink. Once she was drunk she ripped Jo Goo´s shirt, leaving him half naked. The next day, Yeo Ri is ashamed for what she did. She called Jo Goo to apologize to him, meanwhile, he is taking his girlfriend to the airport. When he answered the phone, he wanted to make fun of Yeo Ri, but she stopped talking, that worried him a lot, that is why, he decided to go to her house.

When he arrived, he was surprised by the way she lived, that impression got worst when he saw a little pale child outside her courtyard. Jo Goo invited the kid to enter to the house, but Yeo Ri doesn´t want to, however, the child entered, but the way that little boy walked was incredibly fast. When he left Yeo Ri house and went to bed he couldn´t find peace in his sleep, something appeared running within his house from one side to another. Jo Goo turned on the light and saw nothing, until he looked at the window...

Yeo Ri is at home, she received a call from Jo Goo, he is terrified and it is waiting her in the cold of the night outside his house for her. When she arrived, she told him about her gift and that the boy was a ghost. At first, he was skeptical, but when she achieved the task entrusted by the child, he began to believe. She explained him that when she was young she had a friend, Ju Hee, she was her best friend, but one day, her school bus had an accident and it fell into the water. A paramedical tried to revive Yeo Ri and her friend, but first he decided to help Yeo Ri rather than her best friend, so she was saved but for Ju Hee it was too late, and since that day she is able to see spirits and the ghost of her friend hunts her, preventing her to have friends or her family near without suffer the consequences.

A few days after that, she had a blind date, which was not going so good. Jo Goo saw her and decided to help her find the man of her life, and she believed she found him when she met a guy who boasts of being brave, until the ghost of Ju Hee frightens him. Yeo Ri is alone again and Jo Goo invited her to go to have a drink; although she ripped out his shirt again, he feels a special affection for her. That night, after they finished drinking, he took her home, but she was scared of being there; without humor to argue due that he was also drunk, he took her to his home and lie her down. When it was still dark, he saw Ju Hee´s ghost, he almost had a heart attack but Yeo Ri calm him. The next morning, his girlfriend got back from her trip and saw them together, making her feel uncomfortable until she left.

Yeo Ri was deeply sad, she was starting to love Jo Goo, but she knew she wasn´t supposed to feel that way and kept her distance from him. Her friends went to her house, in spite that the ghost might hunt them, to make her feel better and she received a call from him and told her that he missed her. They decided to met again, but Ju Hee ghost continued to appeared, will he leave her? No, he decided to stay by her side and being a couple, something that made the spirit furious. The ghost tried to hurt Jo Goo many times, but the night of his magic show she accomplished it, she made him go to hospital

Given that situation and the fact that her dead friend will never leave her and the people she loves, Yeo Ri decided to go far away; however Jo Goo loves her, although he is scared and his life will always be in danger. He has to decide, to stay with the woman he loves and be haunted during the rest of his life or let her go but to live a lonely life. What will he do?

Trailer of the film (I do not take credit for it)

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