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A quality super tribute to Michael Jackson from a fan for the fans!

Updated on May 23, 2014




What can I say about Michael Jackson? He has been the most watched, most loved (by his fans) and most hated (by haters and negative people) than any entertainer in history. Michael Jackson made everyone step up their game in the industry. He set the standard (along with his family) of how to entertain and inspire others world wide.

His love reached billions and will reach billions more for years to come. I was amazed as I worked at my job this month 12/2009 and we had Michael Jackson's CD playing in the background (from the 90's) and a kid (about 5 years old) knew most of his songs word for word, I was truly amazed.

Knowing that he is the biggest giver of the entertainment world is a great joy to see that. I remember in the past many, news media talking about him as if he stole their pocket books and wallets. THE MAN EARNED EVERY DOLLAR HE MADE SINCE HIS CHILDHOOD! Yes at times he spent a bit much (and who hasn't done that to some degree) however equally he gave over and above the call of duty to countless people and organizations. One cannot expect to find another like him in a million years. He set many examples and it will never be forgotten, give it all you got..... today, NOW.

People who hated him were no doubt just jealous of his success, fame, fortune and influence. Those that hated him hated themselves. Anyone who expresses that much hate to one person has totally been off balance and out of harmony of God and out of touch of who they really are for some time.

We all were created in the image of God (GOD IS LOVE) and when we fully grasp that we'll see the true meaning to life. He knew that and even though things weren't perfect every second, he still managed to do his best to inspire which left a mark in our lives that all his fans will cherish forever. His childhood growing up was not perfect either and who's up bringing really was? Through the thick and thin Michael Jackson made many smile, dream bigger than they ever dreamed before and many cried tears of joy because he was so amazing.

Fans loved him for all that he gave. In closing I just wanted to say to the fans, "remember, just like when anyone passes on when Michael Jackson passed on he did his very best to heal the world and inspire dreamers of all cultures to believe in the power of love and now it's up to us to keep his message burning strong so that our children and children's children know also".

I remember watching him on MTV week after week, month after month, year after year waiting to see what video of his would they play. wasn't invented yet so it was a REAL treat to see his videos when they aired.

One thing I've realized is that most people who do great things are looked at differently than others and Michael was very different but very much like us in many ways. He had a heart, mind, soul and his is spirit was just like all of us, though he reached his spirit a bit deeper than many, he was trying to show us all that love is the answer to all questions. His childhood consisted of work and it was for most of his life. If that was me, I too would want to revisit my past so to speak and try to enjoy life like a kid. Peace cannot be reached by making more and more weapons. By hating another just because they have a different skin color is just 2 DAMN OLD NOW a DAYS!

God likes variety and until those who have a problem get that into their heads, life will always be hard for them. The truth opens the doors and even though it may hurt at first, the truth always heals. Michael Jackson had a skin disease and a few operations, so what. Does that make him wrong for wanting to be a little different? NO! It would be wrong if the whole planet looked the same and we all had the same name, color, shape, size, height, weight, etc.

Again, God likes variety and we should all too. He's fans didn't see anything but his love and energy. Aren't we all suppose to live like that? It's time to change the messages we've been conditioned to see and hear and start planting seeds of truth over the lies that keeps us in a box when we all were meant to think and live outside of the box.

No one knows Michael better than God and for those that judged him were no better than him, in fact they were worse. Michael Jackson had all the reason to lash back at those who spoke bad about him, but he didn't. He'd just write another song and told his story. For the most part his music was advice, inspiration, fun and just good to listen to, dance to you name it. His family created a legacy of good music, good times and inspiration to live life to the fullest, now. If we didn't have there influence I believe we would not be as advanced as we are now. (my opinion). Michael Jackson's mission was completed and no one will forget him. I imagine on the other side there are things we cannot even fathom to describe that he is now apart of.



If you would like to know more about the author please go here.

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    • darrylcrawford profile image

      DARRYL WILLIAM CRAWFORD 7 years ago from Philadelphia PA to Tucson AZ.

      Thank you for your comment AEvans. That is really something that your husband and hus family knows the Jackons. That must be something. I would love to meet Janet Jackson to let her hear some of my work which I have done with my collaborator Audrey. We belive we have some great songs for her. Check out a few of them we placed on youtube and see how many replies and hits we've recieved...

      Thanks again.

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful artist! My husband and his family know the Jacksons. Michael will forever be loved by many and your words expressed all that people should realize. :)