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The Incredibles

Updated on February 24, 2013

A visual masterpiece in the art of CG animation

This looks like a job for "The Incredibles." Disney/Pixar has outdone themselves again in this modern classic. The computer animation and the sound effects were just amazing. Creating a non-stop thrill ride of super cool. Pixar's newest incarnation tells the story of a legendary super heroe, Mr. Incredible a.k.a. Bob Parr, whom is forced to retire after saving a guy, who attempted to commit suicide and sued Mr. Incredible for saving him. This causes a chain reaction of other frivalous law suits against super heroes, and the government is forced to relocate supers and forbid them from using their powers. Years later, Bob has now settled down in the suburbs with his wife, Helen, whom was a legendary super in her own right as Elasti-Girl. They have three kids named Jack-Jack, Violet and Dash; each with their own unique abilities. Bob struggles with his mediocre average life working for an insurance company while his kid's struggle to hide their powers and try to fit in. However, Mr. Incredible and his kin are called back into action when his old sidekick, Incredi-Boy, turns into his deadliest nemesis, Syndrome. Brad Bird did a great job on this film by using characters the viewer can relate to in everyday life. For example, in one scene, it shows Bob getting chewed out by his boss, and throwing his boss through a wall. This signifies how many of us feel frustrated about our jobs sometimes, and how unrewarding working life can be. However, the story can be a bit too dark at times, and it basically falls into most super heroe cliches, but it makes everyone laugh doing them. "The Incredibles" is one the best animated films ever made.

The computer animation was just awesome. Even though the characters were designed to look surreal, the rest of the film wasn't. Everything from the sky, leaves, clothing and water movement seemed very realistic. Pixar has pushed the envelope with the effects by using scenes that leave nothing to the imagination. In one scene, when the film showed Dash running through the woods, it literally took my breath away. Plus, the characters don't seem out of place even though they're surreal looking in a realistic environment.

Brad Bird does a great job using just the right amount of camp, yet dark tones to move the story along. However, there are are a few scenes that might come off as too dark for kids, but it's nothing worse than what most kids see in other films like "Star Wars."

However, the characters are what really makes this film shine. Violet is an outcast and a lonely teenager, whom feels isolated from her classmates because she's different. Dash is an energetic kid who feels repressed because he's forced to hide his powers and vents out his frustration by causing trouble at school. These kids are very easy to identify with. With Violet and Dash, we all know (at some point in our lives) how it can be like to feel isolated and frustrated about fitting in. How it's like to be pushed back because your a minority in society.

Even Syndrome is an interesting character. He grows up his whole life idolizing Mr. Incredible, yet when he's rejected by his hero, he becomes a villain. This is something many of us can understand when the person you look up to isn't what you expect. I can remember when I first heard about Michael Jordan having an affair, I was outraged because I always viewed marriage as sacred. It can be difficult when your role model isn't perfect. However, in the case of Syndrome, he's rejected by his idol. This creates a very strong rivalry in the film; perhaps greater than most super heroe films.

As for Bob and Hellen, they were the best of all. Bob starts out as young man who just wants to settle down someday. However, when he's forced to retire, he becomes a middle aged guy who longs to relive his glory days. Whether it be taking on robots or listening in on police radios for crime, Bob tries to recapture his youth. This is something most of us can understand because when we're younger we tend to think about the future, yet as we get older, we long to relive our youths. As for Hellen, she was somewhat of a fire cat who loved the thrill of adventure, but when she's married, it shows her as a concerned mother, who's only concern is keeping her family together.

Brad Bird did a great job on this using great characters and mind boggling special effects. Overall, "The Incredibles" is one of the greatest animated films ever made.


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