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Being an ABBA Tribute Band Manager

Updated on September 24, 2013

The Band performing at the Summer Sound Festival in Redcar.

The audition

In 2007 i was out of work and needed a job. I was reading the Stage newspaper and found an advert for an ABBA Tribute Band. I called the number and secured myself an audition. I drove 2 hours for the audition which was in someone's living room. I had to perform a couple of ABBA songs and luckily I got the job! :-) It was for the part of Frida in the band. For a few weeks i drove the 2 hours there and back to attend rehearsals for the band and i really enjoyed learning the songs of ABBA. I wasn't a big fan before i got the job you see. The lady who had taken me on had a lot of other girls working for her so i didn't do that many gigs for her. I did however learn a lot about gigging and what it in tales. Arriving at the venue, unloading the van, setting up the PA & lighting. Doing a sound check then hanging around until it was time for the performance. With not enough work i decided to audition for another band when the chance came up.


The next band....

So i auditioned for another ABBA Tribute Band for the part of Frida and got the job. This time it would be gigging and i would be part of a theatre show as well which was very exciting. The show had 1 half of a tribute to the Bee Gees and the other being a tribute to ABBA. We toured the UK and abroad in a the show which is still going today.

I had a great time and loved being back in the theatre. The only downside was that the woman i was working with had issues and got us removed from the show! That was a bitter pill to swallow as i loved the job.

At this point i started to gig with a few ABBA Tribute Band's and learn more about the gigging world. I met a lot of people at this point and some i am still friends with today.

It was then that i thought that if these people can run their own shows i can do it too. So i did......

Performing at Chesterfield Winding Wheel


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Setting up my own band

I was also working in a 3 piece girl group at the time that the ABBA idea came to me. We decided to put a small ABBA section in our show so it was just natural to grow it from there.

It all happened very quickly. I borrowed some money from my Brother to buy my PA and then the old credit card helped buy me a mixing desk and some lights.

The lady who we were in the trio with had been a Tribute Act for many years and had lots of contacts. She started to get us work and as it was coming up to Christmas last minute gigs for ABBA were coming in thick and fast.

We were getting work in and i was buying more items and costumes for the show.

Then people starting asking about a 4 piece band so through my ABBA contacts i found 2 great guys to play Benny & Bjorn.

We have been doing 4 piece shows since May 2009!

Running a band is not an easy task. You are the person who has to get the bookings in and do the promotion for the band.

You have to talk to clients and make sure their event is going to be the best it can be.

I own all the PA, lighting and set for the show which i have bought over the years. The running costs are endless.

Then there are the costumes. They cost a fortune and are mostly hand wash!!! My house looks like a chinese laundry a lot of the time.

Finally there is the show itself which you need to put together, stage and make sure everyone knows what they are doing. This is the fun bit. :-)

We perform at all kinds of events and all types of venues through out the UK and abroad and thinking about it it is a fantastic job.

Long days, unusual hours and heavy lifting but i wouldn't change it for the world.

We get to make people happy and see them enjoy themselves every week. :-)

A write up from our website.

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