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ABCs Lost Review Season 6 ep1-2

Updated on January 30, 2011

The Final Season

LA X: Cliffhanger Explained...kind of

Episode 1

As always with Lost there was a cliffhanger at the end of last season with the hydrogen bomb exploding or not. We seem to get our answer right away in this season when you see jack flying on a plane with the same passengers of Oceanic 815. It seems to have worked in resetting everything that had happened both good and bad. As you watch the show they go to a commercial break and when they come back we find Kate in a tree.?.? I started to second guess myself at this point because she finds all the rest of the islanders and they seem to be back in the present except Jack's plan did not work. Sawyer is in a raging fit because he thinks Juliet died because of Jack which did turn out to be the end result unfortunately. Meanwhile we cut back three years ago to the plane and we start to realize that this is some sort of alternate reality. Jack saves Charlie from killing himself on the plane, Desmond is on the plane for some reason, and Hurley apparently has good luck. While Hurley in present time gets a visit from a dead Jacob about how to save Sayid, who was wounded by gun shot in 1977. The episode ends with the plane landing instead of crashing in the ocean like it did originally.

Episode 2

In this episode Jack finds his fathers coffin never made it on the plane and the airline has no idea where it is. While Kate, who is a fugitive still, escapes the marshal who had been escorting her. Jin runs into his own problems with his former and airport security. Kate ends up in a taxi leaving the airport with Claire coincidentally and Jack has a nice conversation with Locke which makes me reminisce on previous seasons. There is a good line in there about Jacks character when talking about Locke's condition with the wheelchair when Jack say, "Nothing is irreversible."

On the island Sawyer buries Juliet and gets Miles to tell him what she was going to say to him before she died. Which was, "it worked." So not exactly sure what that means at the moment or how she would even know that. Everyone else heads to the temple on Jacob's advice so they can save Sayid. The end up getting captured by the natives that are currently living there and almost killed but eventually they get help. Or what they thought was help, they go into the temple where there is some sort of fountain that I am assuming heals you.? The natives hold Sayid in it for a certain amount of time, appearing to be drowning him and they actually do before he could be healed. At this point pretty much everybody feels terrible especially Jack. Hurley tell the these others that Jacob is dead and they frantically send out a firework as a signal to Richard and his group. The smoke monster Locke as we now know comes out of the statue, knocks Richard out and starts walking away. Jack gets in a argument with these people and next thing you know, Sayid is alive! BOOM!




So a pretty good season opener that, as usual explained a lot of things but also created a lot more questions. It is good to have the show back after the long hiatus. It is kinda sad to see how things are playing out with their plane actually landing where it was supposed to. But confusing how they can have two time lines and some things are completely different in the alternate times. Overall, I enjoyed it. Lost airs on Tuesdays it seems now so I encourage everyone to watch it.


Sneak Peek


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    • teenmusicscene profile image

      teenmusicscene 8 years ago from Texas

      Me too. Everybody I talk to thinks it is too confusing now, but I like it.

    • amy jane profile image

      amy jane 8 years ago from Connecticut

      Great recap! I am so addicted to this show. Can't wait for more...

    • teenmusicscene profile image

      teenmusicscene 8 years ago from Texas


    • Readmetobehappy profile image

      Readmetobehappy 8 years ago