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Academy Awards, No Passion

Updated on March 1, 2017

Academy Awards, No Passion, Wall Street

"All the bells that ever rang, still ringing in the dying rays of light," William Faulkner, American Novelist. Whatever happened to the old style of film that had tear jerking scenes of love and would bring grown adults to their knees with scenes of human passion? The most important phenomenon in America today, the depression, Category V Hurricane that spins on and on, was completely missed by Hollywood. We needed Grapes of Wrath II, and got a weak Margaret Thatcher. People are driving old cars to Williston North Dakota, to the new oil patch, sleeping in their cars at Walmart, trying to work hard for food and family. How irrelevant to real life Hollywood has become.

In the old days, movies like Shane had dramatic scenes that brought tears to your eyes, like the ending, when the boy yells at Shane to come back when he was leaving the Wyoming valley for good. When the Rifleman comes back from a dangerous job, his boy cries for joy after thinking his father was gone forever, and returned with some cattle, a scene of passion, the love between father and son. In Giant, James Dean, stands under his flowing oil tower, with his arms raised up to the heavens, his face and body, smeared with the black gold.

The movies at this years Oscars are irrelevant, loose with historical accuracy, and do not address what is on the minds of most Americans, the depression of 2008 through 2012, which wiped a large number of people completely out. Michael Douglas is working with the FBI now, with his pleas for inside traders on Wall Street, to turn in Hedge Fund crooks who have warped and corrupted the laws of stock and bond trading. Wall Street Hedge Fund executives have walked up to Douglas in NYC, and exclaimed to him how cool his statement of "Greed is Good", was to their decision to enter the Street of Shame as a career path. Douglas knows how bad that movie was, and influenced the Meltdown, the crooked path of bankers in the past 10 years. Hollywood is not cool. The flaunting of diamonds attached to the gowns, and shown to the world is a display of a lack of class. All of the jewelry at the Oscars, sold, could build several inner city schools, and a trade school. All the sparkling lights, all the gowns and suits, weak attempts at humor, and the hype of the brands of other actors, the lack of real glamour, were evident to the world at the show, the same old theme of Hollywood junk.

"In Heaven and Earth, Horatio, there is more than is in your philosophy", William Shakespeare.

The nation needs a new hope, a new optimism, and as Norman Mailer said in his last interview in the "The Big Empty", the nation needs a new novelist that can penetrate the central core of the human condition in America. Hollywood has become a massive corporate culture that truly is The Big Empty. The human condition now is poverty in America, millions of unemployed, vanished equity in homes and 401K's, and a mood of desperation not seen since the Great Depression of the early 30"s. Hopefully the classic "The Great Gatsby" by F Scott Fitzgerald, with Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead Jay Gatsby, hopefully this return to the classic literature will be a new beginning in Hollywood. It cannot get any worse, or can it?

The 2017 Oscars weren't much improvement over the past years. Silly, left wing liberal actors from La La Land, got up to the praise of clapping seals in the audience,, and villified the new president of the United States. As usual they acted like Jane Russell's description of two cowboys in the movie "The Tall Men" a western about drovers and cattle on their treacherous trail to Kansas for shipment and big money. Jane exclaims to Clark Gable and his brother, "Why don't you two Mule Heads go join the cattle?" The beauty of that description by Jane is in its brevity and hits them in the gut, well understood by a cowboy. I have tagged the word MULE HEAD in my Facebook posts, referring to left wing liberals, radicals who whine on about bumper sticker type criticisms of Donald Trump, their new president, with no sources, no research, and no hard work, investigation about their constant accusations. They are lazy, and often use talking points from other lazy newsmen such as CNN. Why would the average American be interested in some ego driven actor or actress, ranting about equal pay for women, when they are making millions of dollars per film, in an industry bull market. Most people long for the days of Sophia Loren, and Cary Grant, who had a lot of class. and made them laugh instead of nod out in sleep during their acceptance speeches that sound like the local propaganda news they get every evening on TV.


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