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A.H.S. Season 5 Hotel is Similair to the Movie Seven

Updated on January 30, 2016

Immediately Immersed

Right from the Intro you understand this season will be tied to not only the Hotel Cecil but, the 7 deadly sins as well. This is apparent by the "Thou Shalt Not..." between the actors names in opening credits.

Within the first episode, we see 4 main comparisons and contrasts between American Horror Story Season 5 and the hit 1995 movie Seven (se7en).


Violent Violations

American Horror Story Hotel has a Detective this season Mr.John Lowe, who seems to be oddly similar Detective David Mills played by Brad Pitt in the movie Seven.

Cheaters & Users

Detective Lowe is called to a hotel (not the Cortez) to investigate a murder/assault. When Detective Lowe arrives at the room he sees a woman dead nailed to the headboard straddling a man who is still alive. Although he has had his tongue and eyes removed. Before leaving the crime scene, Mr. Lowe uncovers the married man's penis has been super glued inside of the women.

In a later scene we see a drug addict played by Max Greenfield (Schmidt from New Girl) who is sodomized to death by a presumed spirit/demon wearing a sharp metal accessory on their penis, this spirit is controlled by Hypodermic Sally (played by Sarah Paulson).

How is this similar to Seven?

Tantalizing Torture

In one of the early scenes within Seven, we see Detective Mills interviewing an obviously shaken man who was forced to murder a woman by raping her with a knife via penis sheath.


Bloodletting is the withdrawal of blood, this was done as an ancient cure to prevent illness or diseases. Often displayed in media with vampires.

Coronary Cravers

We see a lot of blood in this first episode when compared to some past seasons, we also see a lot of blood drinking.
First with the children ghost drinking from the Swedish model in the bathroom and then again with the ghost of Donovan and The Countess (Gaga) who drink the blood of young attractive couple, after they engage in a foursome with the couple.

Similarity to Seven?

You see blood letting in Seven when Detective Mills is called to the scene of a murder, you see a blood-soaked apartment that had belonged to a rich attorney, this was to represent greed.

Sleeping Shivers

Shifting Sheets

The very first horror scene in this season of A.H.S. happens when the Swedish models notice a disturbing smell in their room leading them to the bed which has an odd divet in it, they quickly pull back the sheet to uncover a zig-zag tear the entire length of the bed and it has haphazardly been sown up. The models decide to rip open the stitch unleashing a sickly, malnourished man-demon with gnarly decade teeth.

Similarity with Seven?

Sickening Sloth

In Seven Detective Mills is called to the scene of murdered drug addict and child molester, he had been strapped to a bed withheld any food or drinks, shot up with drugs until starved to death diseased in their own filth. The corpse is pale, beyond skinny/malnourished in just underwear.

The Demon Spirit From A.H.S. v.s. The Sloth Character From Seven.

Fallen Families

Holden's Ghost

Mr. Lowe is called to the Hotel Cortez while investigating murders occurring in L.A. Hotels, he lays upon a bed within in one of the suites and is awoken to the spirit of young blond boy, Mr. Lowe yells out "Holden" leading viewers to instantly assume he has lost son.

This is later revealed to be true that Lowe has lost a son Holden, in a flashback the audience see that while at the carnival riding the merry-go-round Holden vanishes, he is presumed kidnapped and with the ghost of him dead. At the end of the episode, its revealed that Gaga has the ghost children hidden between the walls of the Hotel Cortez in some other world game room.

Seven Similarity?

What's In The Box

In the final scene of Seven Detective Mills is pushed into becoming the sin Wrath after discovering his wife's head in box, making one of the most iconic lines ever "What's in the box?" upon his gruesome discovery the killer played by Kevin Spacey reveals that Mills wife is pregnant and he has now lost his wife and unborn child.

Do you see the similairties between A.H.S. 5 & Seven?

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Riviting Reimaging

The first episode of Hotel Cortez was fantastic, the reimaging of what appears to be the seven deadly sins or at least refrences to the bible, with a hint of the movie Seven is sure to make a horror fan flip.

Will continue looking for Seven comparisons, do you agree with ones so far? Have some of your own? Let us know in the comments below!


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